Jan. 16-20

Jan. 16 7:25/8:32/9:24am

I’m at the apartment. I’m in bed and i definitely just woke up. Yeah like i still have that good morning in my eye. So I prayed last night. Yeah. And I watched Mulan for the first time. YOOOOO MAN IVE BEEN MISSING OUT. MULAN SON!?!? WHHAATT? Okay when the emperor said that a woman like that only comes once every Dynasty I was like damn son. Yup that’s pretty rare. And now it know why everyone wants to get down to business to defeat some mother fucking Huns man. That song is legit. Like what?!!! And and Eddie Murphy. Damn that role was funny. Man. I have been missing out. So glad I watched it though. Like really it was a nice movie to watch after getting home from work.

Last night I saw on facebook that....

I’m at work on the 15th floor. I love how much my art translates to my work. It’s just so much fun to know that it really helps to connect and make a guest feel warm and welcome in any situation. Also, just using myself as material really is a great way to discover connection. Empathizing with my guests. Understanding that they’re really worth caring about. I may be in the hospitality industry but I should...

Jan. 17 9:47/1:08pm
I’m at the apartment. Actually I’m in the bathroom. Yup. In the bathroom. So I cheated a little bit. I woke up at 9 and then just went back to bed and woke up at 12:30. I knew there was a flow test but I just didn’t do it because I knew it wasn’t going to do anything for me. But then again that’s my own fault. Because I know I had a dream. Now I can’t remember. But yeah. So much for that. This shows me that I need to be true to my.....

Jan. 18 9:20pm
I’m on rush st working the door right now. So improv works to talk to women. And ya know what. The fact that I can talk to a woman during the day, on the train, sober, and they can still laugh and smile at me makes me feel awesome. The fact that I can hold an entire conversation at work with 3 guests at once is....
Jan. 20 12:48pm
I’m in my bed at the apartment. It’s my off day. The Knicks and Nets are playing today. It’s Martin Luther King Day. It is a great day. I’m hungry as always and I have ramen noodles cooking right now. So I have some chores and things to do today for myself that I need to work on. I’m already updating my artist page a little and I applied to perform at a Tacloban Benefits Festival where all the proceeds go to recovery.
I’m at the apartment eating pizza. Class was interesting. I got some of the best compliments and that I’m committed to the work. I just need to challenge myself to be more economic. I was told to not try so hard because I’m already there. Yes. I need to find the balance and the control. That’s how I do it control my energy with the economy of my words!!!
So connecting with the opposite sex in scenes. Or connecting in general. Yes. Today I had the urge to kiss....

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