Music Artist Speaker Series: 'JL Jupiter' Interviews w/ Robert Darrien

1. JL Jupiter, you are very skilled and incredibly talented, what inspired you to write and get into the music industry?

I'm inspired by it all but the number one inspiration is failure, getting heart-broken, losing etc... I'm blessed with a beautiful struggle.

2. How would you describe the music that you make? What would you want your listeners to walk away with after hearing your music?
My music is me. It's hip hop. I'm just reporting my past and adding melodies, metaphors , similes, hooks and hopefully the listener can walk away with a bit of my history.
3. For someone who doesn't know your background, what would you want them to know about you?

I'm just an immigrant making an impact in my community. I'm on no super hero shit. I have flaws. I have addictions. I went through it just like the next man. Only difference is I created a platform for myself for my voice to be heard.

4. Who are some of the artists that influence or inspire you? Artists that I look up are the ones that were relevant in the 90's. Any artist in the 90's had to show and prove. My personal favorites were Wu Tang , Redman, Tupac. BIG, Rakim and of course my Nutreez family. 5. If you had an opportunity to collaborate or work with another artist, which artist or artists would it be and why? I would have loved to work with J Dilla. RIP 6. Last but not least, what future projects are you working on that you want to share with your supporters??? Albums, singles, websites, future collaborations... Etc...? I'm working on Resident Alien 2, Filming a plethora of music videos under my film making company "Planetary P". As far as my collabs I want to keep that a secret. I plan on building my brand but I can't reveal it to the public yet. You just gonna have to wait and see. Give thanks to all my supporters, give thanks to the Khmer artists , give thanks to my brothers and give thanks to GOD.


  1. Oh, Robert, good job! A Khmer hip hop artist - this is what I am talking about!

  2. Thank you for introducing all these artists. I'm more of a "music review" person than an "interview" person though. I found previews of his album "Resident Alien" and so far I like his track "Off ya love", and "I'm still here". There're full MVs for these 2 on his yt channel.
    From what I read elsewhere JL writes about family, roots, struggles as an immigrant, hope, etc.


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