Se7en Won

Remember when we used to talk about the differences between Rain and Se7en (and thereby subtly wondering who was better)? Well... (it appears) Se7en won.

*blink*  Indulge me.

Se7en in 2004

Se7en in 2007

Rain in 2013

What's wrong with this alleged "progression" of events?

Bonus: Se7en in 2010

*blink* 'Cause of the shout-out to "Girls".

And for those who need more context for the Chris Rock vid:


  1. I know, I know...I wanted a K-Pop Moratorium on this blog, but this post isn't really about K-Pop. It's about respect, specifically respect for Black women. I was in my car listening to "Girls" recently, and after chatting with Bao Phi about his "Prince Impersonator", it all got me thinking.

  2. Well, Rains advisers were looking for the trends and for something hip and new. Miley was really big in 2013.
    Wait until Se7en gets out of the army....and he is part of YG ent and they have not done respectful things either.

    There is no point complaining about it. This is the way the world sees black women in general.

    1. Se7en isn't with YG anymore. That was revealed during his massage parlor scandal. Rain kind of bounced back, but I don't know if Se7en will do the same.

  3. Welp, we'll see how long his career lasts after that "massage parlor" scandal...

    1. I'll be honest; I laughed aloud when I read that ish.

    2. Me too. :-D !!!!!
      Its not something shocking to do. It was the fact they were doing it during army service.

    3. Supposedly they didn't know what kind of parlor it was. It was the only one still open...but they "didn't know."


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