Here are the past few FLOW TESTS from this month. A lot has gone on and a lot more will continue. My breakdown in my art, a new person reveals themselves, prayers get answered, and a poem manifests. Thanks for reading! WORK HARD! PLAY HARD!


Jan. 22 1:51pm

I’m on the 7th floor at work. I had my interview today for an opportunity for the cross training program here at my hotel.

Jan. 22 8:47pm

I’m at the Apollo studio theater waiting for my show to start. I’m in my show uniform and I have my setlist in mind.

Jan. 23 8:50/9:40am

I’m on the 17th floor at work. I’m pretty excited about this employee party. I’ve never done anything like this before and I saw a camel.

Jan. 23 2:53/ 3:53pm

I’m in room 1023 of the Conrad hotel. Yes I’m at my room in my hotel that I work and I’m loving it.

Jan. 24 1:51/3:53pm

I’m at the apartment. In bed. Web surfing. I just woke up because I was tired.

Jan. 24 10:24pm

On the red line heading to a show straight from volleyball. So I miss playing so much.

Jan. 24 11:47pm

I’m in my bed at the apartment. I’m feeling good.

Jan. 25 3:23am

I’m at the apartment in a bed. I’m not sure how to feel.

Jan. 25 6:36

I’m in my apartment and I’m thinking about marrying this one girl.

Jan. 25 5:12pm

I’m at Merkles in wrigleyville. I’m the last one from my class at the bar and I’m just enjoying life right now.

Jan. 25 8:46pm

I’m in a cab on my way to the show. I’m late for my call time and yes i am dumb

Jan. 26 8:38am

I’m at the apartment in my bed. I’m hungry. Yup. That’s not new. But what is is that I think I’m getting sick.

Jan. 26 10:12pm

I’m heading to the basement because I’m leaving work early. Michelle Branch?!?

Jan. 27 1:06am

I’m at the apartment eating. I just off the phone with my dad.

Jan. 27 10:34am

I’m on the 15th floor. Talking to Ross is awesome. It’s been a minute but got damn when we talk it’s like nothing’s change.

Jan. 28 1:01/3:14pm

I’m on the 17th floor getting ready to get off work. I can feel myself getting sick and it sucks.

Jan. 29 7:51/8:47am

I’m on the 11th floor of my hotel. I’m feeling pretty sleepy because of the drugs I’m on.

Jan. 30 2:56pm

I’m at my job. About to work out. Tattooed Heart by Ariana Grande What does a prince have to do?

Jan. 31 12:15pm

I’m in my apartment in my bedroom. Bailey is sitting right next to me and she is loyal.


  1. I gotta ask...how often do people text you the Flow Test request, and how long does it usually take you to "respond"?

  2. Do you have to respond anytime they text you? Say its three in the morning?


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