The Pretense of Peace

"That's class warfare!" It's a phrase that has been muttered quite frequently in the recent past. Basically, it's an accusation levied against anyone who even mentions the existence of class inequity, let alone someone who attempts to hold the overprivileged upper-class accountable for actions, decisions, or policies that perpetuate or worsen inequities. Statements like that are also made against those who speak out against racism, albeit in different forms: "That's reverse racism", "That's divisive", "That's hateful", and whatever other lies they can muster. In addition, such strategies are always employed under the pretense of peace and cooperation, as if the only thing preventing the eradication of poverty is the "undeserved" antagonism poor people have for the wealthy, in contrast to the "love" that the wealthy have for the poor. I believe that "love" looks a little something like this:


That phrase and others similar in nature have always annoyed me. To merely speak of inequity results in charges of inciting antagonism; however, there would be nothing to speak of if inequity didn't exist in the first place. And what of the other side? They mean to tell me that speaking out against inequity is warfare, but creating and maintaining that inequity in the first place is not warfare? They mean to tell me that I, a member of the oppressed, am the one initiating conflict and that they are the innocent helpless victims...who indulge in the exquisite privileges extracted from my torment?

And why does peace, cooperation, unity, or [insert pretense here] require the poor and People of Color to essentially shut up and bend over? Why does peace require us to ignore injustice, which just so happens to be extremely convenient for the rich and the white? If the overprivileged are so gung-ho about coming together, I can think of some things they could do and some concessions they could make. How about not being blatantly racist and classist? Too much? Okay, how about just toning down the subtle racism and classism? Still too much? How about cutting back on the privilege? Can't do that either? How about just acknowledging the existence of racism and classism? It's pretty difficult for people to cooperate when one side is not even willing to admit there is a problem to begin with. It's pretty difficult to have unity when one side benefits from the other side's suffering, and any attempt to address that injustice is met with an accusation of class warfare or reverse racism, dismissively summarized with the arrogant expression, "You racist, bro?"

Furthermore, the pretense of peace fails to express a similar concern not only for the conditions that brought about our outspokenness but also for the vile dispersions so often cast upon us and so often overlooked by those who champion the pretense of peace. The class version of those dispersions has already been demonstrated by that Jon Stewart clip. The race version should be familiar to many of those reading. I speak of both the explicit vitriol and the justifications used to rationalize inequity, the ones that are sometimes subtle, disguised to appear objective, but ultimately follow this form: "Inequality has nothing to do with racism, it is because [insert race of color here] are just inferior." How peaceful.

In the end, I find it difficult to believe that those who champion the pretense of peace could possibly be so ignorant as to actually be sincere. But even if their words are sincere, that still does not make them true.


  1. The 'LaQueeta Jones' mess is a perfect example.

  2. And he comes out swinging! Bad-ass and blistering as usual, Ballisto.

    It's pretty difficult for people to cooperate when one side is not even willing to admit there is a problem to begin with.

    This pretty much sums up the whole problem perfectly. They want us all to get along, with zero progress on their own part. They want us all the find a way to be happy...within the status quo. And when we don't comply, the problems which persist are our fault.

    And why does peace, cooperation, unity, or [insert pretense here] require the poor and People of Color to essentially shut up and bend over?

    Like I've been sayin'...it must be in the water.

  3. I was just thinking about something on how the United *cough*....divided states got the name like it did because when you think about it,it was never "United" or free about it.

    I remembered being told to stand for the flag or being told how "free" it was in my history class. I admit to not always being interested in it.For a while, a lot of it didn't make sense to me.It was like something was missing from the information written in it .It wasnt A,B,C,D it was like A,C,B,D . Like most Black and minority kids like me,we learned that George Washington was the first and greatest president , how all of or "forefathers" (NOT!),gave us this freedom and that the U.S. is a free country. We'll, I would eventually learn that it all was far from the truth.

    The unraveling began when I was in the sixth grade. I was just reading a history book that I kept. I was just reading to be reading and and I was looking at parts concerning slavery, women rights and the poor. I found it so hypocritical how the leaders said this country gave people their rights, yet all three of these groups were still being treated like second class peasants.Now that was freedom at its best (sarcasm)

    Before Obama became our president, there were other hypocrices that I noticed about the USA:Mostly White veterans boasts about fighting for their country but in the past Blacks were either forced and/or segregated from them. Most of our presidents were White. Supposedly anybody can be president in our country but racists say you're not supposed to be such and we claim to be the melting pot of the world but after Obamas election it just showed us the truth about how diverse (*sarcasm *)we really are.

    You bring up silence on here and all of this made me think about it all. As long as we didn't have a Black ,Jewish or POC president we had freedom, as long as we were in bondage we had a "great" government and as long as you don't call out any injustices, you're not racist.. WOW!

    All of this has taught me what unity is...at least in the racist critics eyes...its about them having rights and you have none of it. A lot of Black people will about "racial coding" and its very visible no matter how much they try to deny it. It's like I'm in class and my teacher is trying to educate us about inferences. I think about the famous words they will use 1)Complaining 2) racist 3)Annoying or ugly ( with Black women being leads and mixed raced scenes in movies/TV series) and the laughable thing about these words is how they describe us never make any sense.. my god! ,predictable and is done in a pattern. For them,to complain is to call them out on their racism 2)Racist is anybody who is interested in intergrating physically, mentally and spiritually and the so ever annoying any ugly.. black women who gets too close to their men and take the shine from them. Man..I mean.. its just crazy how denial can make people ill.

    It funny how the USA criticize other countries with human rights /civil rights abuses. We have plenty of it to let he world see.

    Some people ask when true equality will come? Sadly, I think never.. at least not in this time. Until White society admits to all of these inequalities and treat people like themselves.

  4. Great posts and comments! I found myself nodding in agreeance. It is amazing what those in power will do to keep control. I wonder what is so scary about equality.

    1. Well, it's like you just said - control. Equality means a loss of control which means no more coasting by on privilege. Equality means George Zimmerman's ass goes to jail promptly for murdering Trayvon Martin, and he rots in jail in for the rest of his life. Equality means Ethan Crouch doesn't get ten years probation for stealing booze, driving drunk, killing four people, and injuring nine. Equality means Omer Ninham thinks twice before hurling Zong Vang over a building. Equality means Bethany Storro can't blame an imaginary black woman for throwing acid in her face and be believed. Equality means women & POC don't hit glass ceilings; we get paid equal pay for equal work, and nobody in HR gives two shits about how white an applicant is or what connections his daddy has. Equality means gay couples and transgendered individuals can walk down the street without risking assault and/or death with each step.

      When you think about it, equality is downright terrifying for the ones in power.

  5. "They mean to tell me that I, a member of the oppressed, am the one initiating conflict and that they are the innocent helpless victims...who indulge in the exquisite privileges extracted from my torment?"
    Yes you, because you clearly don't want to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. You just want to have the cake and to eat it all too, you greedy, lazy, resources-draining, excuses-making, reverse racist, socialist you!

    We throw a wrench into their belief in meritocracy. We deny them recognition and rewards for their 'hard work and achievements'. They don't want to hear that the game they're winning is rigged. They want to believe that it's because they're truly good.

    ""Inequality has nothing to do with racism, it is because [insert race of color here] are just inferior.""
    The endless justifications for supremacy. Imperialism at its fucking finest.


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