Um...What were we just talking about?


  1. (Looks at the guy.....) You know I want to have a peaceful year and try not be a sociopath and find this guy.

  2. He's obviously ignorant and isn't a quality PERSON because quality people attract each other. He just gave some quantitative bs.

  3. At this point I am just trying hard not to spit up my coffee laughing at white people.....they try so hard....just pathetic.....it is so hard to take them seriously. I mean if you are so privileged you shouldn't have to try so hard....just sad really....

  4. First of all Happy 2014 and secondly. Looking at this post make me laugh.

    Just look at the first and part of the second lines of his post. He doesn't need to say anymore to see where his post is going. Gosh, he would have been soooo credible if it weren't for the slandering of other groups and I have to wonder what logical thinking would want to date a racist like him? Do he think that WOC think that he's so hot that we're just willing to date anything that comes to us?Please! He needs to give us some credit.We got dignity. Not all of us want scraps off the table.

    Im thankful that I lived to see another great year and I'm quite sure that Asian women and other WOC are thankful that they didn't come across this fool. So much of this man being open minded and educated.

  5. New Year same Sh*t!

    White women: narcissistic, self important, trying to hard to be men-Maybe because he hasn't figured out how to be one!

    Black women-slutty, trashy, and just unattractive, usually uneducated and have a big head if they are educated-he goes for the lowest of the low because those are the only ones he has a chance with, the educated ones KNOW better than to mess with this fool

    Latin women-very loyal, but too loud, too much into religion, and their families-they loudly call out his bs, then pray for this fool to disappear, have brothers beat the crap out of him!

    Asian women-Perfect; just perfect-he hasn't dated one and this is his last chance so he is really hoping its true.

  6. The problem is for every women (of any color) that's disgusted with this guy there's several asian women who thinks they're the shit because she's the apple of a white man's eye.

    1. Asian women aren't the only ones who think white currency has value. The problem is pervasive and enabled.

  7. I'll add the first lines from that poor-excuse-for-humanity's post to my list of racist openers, such as "I'm not racist, but..."

    And Edgie, sadly that's true. Fortunately, I've never personally met such women. I hope that I never do!

  8. Some Asian woman who he thinks is the "perfect package" will scam him for everything he has, preying on his own idiocy; I have seen it quite often. I will not be that Asian woman because I can't even stand being in the same room with jerks like this.

  9. Oh look, a window into white America.

  10. So ridiculous. "Here's what I've noticed"...and nobody cares. Sir, sit down. So interesting though I've notice that Asian women, particularly Korean, feel as though they are incredibly imperfect. And they want to be white women. Haha, let them all be confused together.


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