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Unfortunately Twisted’s return episode may have? kind of? totally? ruined the parts of the series that were the most successful; namely, the central conflict of whether or not Danny Desai is a homicidal sociopath. "Dead Men Tell Big Tales"—and folks, I don’t say this, ever—may've actually covered too much ground. The hour was a series of rapid reveals that managed to completely dismantle the sinister vibe of the first 11 episodes: Vikram, Danny’s dad, is alive! Not just alive, but in cahoots with Madeleine! And he framed Danny! Danny never killed his aunt, his dad did, and then made his son hold a jump rope and confess, and trusted that the police of Green Grove were as incompetent as they turned out to be! The murder weapon with Danny’s prints on it was doctored! He is being framed! Danny is a-okay, y’all!

...But now
Twisted has defanged Danny: He’s a very wronged boy with a very interesting father. And as we know...that interesting character is once again gone. The concept of Killer Danny is also gone. So what other mysteries are really left to be solved? Are we really supposed to be interested in Vikram’s beef with his sister? Or why he killed Regina? Or how that all gets resolved?

Um, ABC...what did we say about fixing your problems and where the hell is your damage control????

*cue spoilers*

No wonder this friggin' show hasn't been been renewed yet.  No wonder Avan Jogia's already talking about some other shit he's about to star/co-star in, because I think by now he and his castmates know good and well Twisted is a sinking ship.


I'll be honest, I was looking forward to TJ Ramini finally joining the cast (preferably with his shirt off), earning a decent check, and showing the town of Green Grove what real carnage looks like.  Instead, we find out that he's the one who murdered his sister Tara, and then talked his trusting, loving 11-year-old son into taking the fall.

And then...he's killed off, by Danny...to protect Jo.  If I started counting all the fail with that plotline,we'd be here until senility.

In the meantime, the Blasian romance continues to be torpedoed (*cue lack of surprise*).  Another white boy's been introduced to the show to follow Lacey around, almost Edward Cullen-style, and there are hints which have got fans thinking New Boy is Danny's half (read: whiter) brother.  Jo and Danny continue to be thrown together; we keep having to listen to the two brown boys on the show go on and on about how "awesome" she is, and I feel as though the Danny/Rico/Jo love triangle is being revamped for round two.

Also...Vikram's dead, most likely for good this time, but Karen's white ex from God-knows-when is back in the picture...like we give a shit.  It should come as no surprise that Principal Tang, Jana, and Sarita were all missing from the winter premiere.  It's like the show reached a brown folk overload and needed to pull a Heroes Season 2.

Y'all...I don't think I can do this.  I just don't think I can continue to take this one for the team.


  1. Boy, am I glad I 'watched' the show via your reviews. ABC Family didn't just jump the shark - they slaughtered it!

    1. *nods* Fileted and deep fried that poor bitch.

  2. Lily couldn't have been more right with this episode. Why are we watching Twisted when they took away..and continue to take away the good stuff from that show? Just for ABCF to focus on Jo is just futile.Their message is so clear of their vision for show.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only viewer to notice the "convenient" plot to connect Danny/Jo. This episode was clearly the nail in the coffin for many fans. Twisted,aka Jo hour, had so much potential. If only ABC would have given character depth to ALL three leads instead of one. Where are Lacey's parents? Robin Givens is a great actress,use her! Does Rico have a family or a last name?

    1. "Jo Hour" indeed. All roads lead back to Jo, people begging Jo, appealing to Jo, protecting Jo, wanting Jo, chasing Jo, calling Jo, needing Jo, praising Jo.

    2. Sorry,
      It's Tannb. I concur. The writers haven't given the audience any reason as to why Princess Jo is the most precious thing in Green Grove.

    3. Well, she's white, and so I guess they assumed that would be enough for us.


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