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Hello reader!!

It has come to my attention that the focus of what I post is some what of a mystery to my followers. As such I am going to try to answer some common questions I've been getting about the project that I'm doing. I hope they give you an insight as to who I am as a writer and a person doing this project.

What is the Flow Test and how did it come about?

I decided to do the Flow Test for a whole year because the original Flow Test was designed to only last for a week. The focus of the test is to map out when your most creative and productive times are during the day. The limitation of a week as it was explained to me was that anything less then you wouldn't get a good gauge and anything more would result in a loss of attention and eventually won't last. I 've already started to lose a lot of my regular Texters who flow test me and now it's pretty much come down to one person every other day.

Lor asked : Do you have to respond anytime they text? Say it's three in the morning?

My hard response is yes. I thought about limiting it to times i'm usually asleep but since my job requires me to have a sense of flexibility then I really didn't want to limit it. I rarely have gotten flow tested during my overnight shift. It has happened and in all honestly when i least expect it but i still manage to work through it.

Who texts you?

I put out a mass invite to my friends on facebook about the project and anyone who was interested in helping me would get a message from me with my number and the link to the site of the flow test.

Ankhesen Mié : I gotta ask...how often do people text you the Flow Test request, and how long does it usually take you to "respond"?

In the beginning i would get an incredible amount but now that one month has passed they've gotten less and less to where i now only get them every other day. I'm considering opening up the field to the public but i'm not sure. we'll see. In terms of how long i respond, i try to respond as quickly as possible. sometimes i get them at my job and then other times i get them during a show or during class. once i'm done with class or work then i start doing it right away. i have a tendency to have a lot on my mind and it feels good to get Flow Tested so that i can air out my thoughts. You'll see in entries the times that i post. if there is ever a slash then i received the test at the first time and then responded by the second time. lately i've been cheating a bit and not flow testing right away. i don't know why. sometimes its because i'm lazy and other times it's because i think it's because i don't feel like it. i'm only cheating myself though.

Well that's it for now. If you have any other questions then feel free to ask. Thanks for reading!!! I'll be releasing the next set of entries when I'm not celebrating my birthday hahahah.

Work Hard. Play Hard.

TJ Medel

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  1. This is a seriously, bold endeavor, man. I don't think I could do it. But I can see how effective it would be because if you're an aspiring actor, you're on standby for what, anywhere from 12-18 hours a day, and expected to deliver it on cue every time. How's this helping the creative writing?


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