Interview with Jasmine Nichol, an Excerpt

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I discovered your work while interviewing the beautiful Tia Ferrera. Once I heard you rap, I Googled you. From there I went to your site and from there your YouTube channel, where I sat in awe and watched one video after the other. How long have you been professionally involved in music?

Wow, I love how you found me. Tia Ferrera and I are sisters at this point so I know her telling you guys about me was going to end in a dope experience. I’ve technically been in the industry since 2012, it’s 2014 now so it hasn’t been very long but I’ve been singing since I was 10 In high school I was in my school choir, Story & Song. We would singing an array of joints from broadway tunes to traditional latin music. It was amazing, this is when I started to learn my voice more and play with it in different ways.

 Your voice is flawless. Do you have formal training?

Awwww, thank you. Yes, when I was 12 I started taking vocal lessons until I was like 16. after that it was sporadic, up until now even. My last vocal coach was Margo Leduc out in Fremont, CA. But all throughout high school I was formally trained by Marcus Klinger during my time in Story & Song. Now I just take everything I’ve learned and practice on my own everyday.

I also enjoy your lyricism. It’s so fluid and moving. What inspires your writing?

I get inspiration from anything and everything, everywhere really haha. I love to pull from not only own experiences but the experiences of others. I’ve always had a love for writing. I’m still in college right now attending Sacramento State, GRADUATING SENIOR might I say, i’m sure that has a lot to do with it as well lol. I just like to see how far I can go with it and how deep I can get into it, it’s an art all its own.

I kept trying to figure out your style. It’s like I hear jazz, soul, blues, and this almost trippy rock overtone, all in your voice. Who are your influences?

Yeaaaah, I now realize that I’ve created a genre for my self that I titled "Hippie Soul". It’s a combination of my soulful influences such as Aretha Franklin, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill and Ella Fitzgerald, mixed with my “hippie” influences like The Beatles, Bob Marley, and Jimi Hendrix. My music has a hip-hopish sound as well and that stems from my love for 2pac, Biggie and The Roots. I can go all day about all the music and artists that influence me, LOL.

By the way, you are a gorgeous, voluptuous goddess—straight up. I love, love, love your style. How do you describe your fashion?

*blush face* Why thank you. The only way to describe that is boho chic. I genuinely just wake up and put on whatever the hell I want and run with it, and if people like it cool, if they don’t…who fxckin’ cares. I was working with Keia Mae out her win Sacramento for a while and she styled me for everything but I like to just wake up and pick a G-ass outfit to put on you know. It’s easier that way.

How often do you get to perform live?

I get to perform live quite often. I post all my show info on my website.

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