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*rubs temples*  Fine, I give.  Since there's no news about Twisted getting renewed (and since Amazon.com won't let me terminate my damn subscription), I figure I might as well see this one through to the end.

***as always, spoilers***

This week's episode focused on Danny Desai dealing with the aftermath of killing his father.  And it was handled horribly.  It picks up right where the other episode left off, with Jo and Danny staring down at Vikram Desai's corpse at the bottom of a cliff (I mean, really???).  At one point, Danny literally states, "I killed my own father."

Translation: "Heads up, audience.  Pay attention to this fact.  It's our new lifeline, it's what we're going to talk about this whole episode.  He just killed his own father, and he's really messed up over it, and you all need to be shocked and horrified and tormented as well."

Vikram's death is obviously supposed to be The Big Twist, but it doesn't work.  Vikram, as a character, was a lot more valuable alive than dead and could've possibly had a hand in rescuing this series.  In fact, Vikram was the most interesting person in the whole episode because we find out he had a whole army of white chicks covering for him.  As Chief Masterson points out, Vikram was very good at getting people to cover for him.  Read: Danny may very well be a normal guy underneath it all, but his father was quite the sociopath.

I'll be honest; with this show's embarrassing descent into predictability and boredom, I didn't see the Cult of Vikram coming.  It never even occurred to me that all of that could even be going on.  But then again, I should've seen it the moment Tess Masterson got high and confessed to Karen Desai that she and Vikram used to mess around.

Kimberly Quinn as
Tess Masterson
So we'll start there.

What we know so far is that Vikram, Karen, and Tess pretty much grew up together and Tess had a thing with Vikram before and after he got together with Karen.  We know that when Vikram faked his death, Tess was one of the Chosen Few he let in on the secret, even going so far as to give her phone number to be reached at.  We also know that even after marrying someone else, having a child, etc. Vikram's hold on Tess is still so strong that she lies to her husband's face and covers for Vikram no matter what.

Now, some Twisted fans theorize that Jo Masterson is actually Tess and Vikram's daughter, and that Danny knows it, hence comments about loving her like a sister.  Had they cast a darker-skinned, darker-haired girl to play Jo, I would've bought it.  But as it stands, Jo is blonde, blonde, blonde and I highly doubt she and Danny are related.  Though to be honest, there are times I wish they were, so he could just flat-out let her know, and we can be done once and for all with #PoorJo.

Jessica Tuck as
Gloria Crane
Meanwhile, there's Gloria Crane, mother of the slain Regina Crane.  I honestly did not see this one coming, considering how hellbent she was on getting Danny arrested.

This week's episode revealed that Gloria is a silent partner in Marna, Inc., Vikram's company.  She's apparently the one who told the mayor to hire the special investigator, Marilyn Rossi.  We also learn that Regina wasn't the one screwing Vikram, her mother was.

Oh, yes.  According to Gloria, she and Vikram were in love (whatever that means on this show), and before he died (the first time), he was supposedly planning to leave Karen for her.  Regina found out and started blackmailing Vikram.  But when Regina decided she didn't want Vikram's money anymore, Vikram apparently said "Fuck it," and put a hit out on the girl...and then framed his son (again).

Gloria, as to be expected, didn't know anything about the blackmail or the fact that her lover killed her daughter.  I know...great mom, right?

Stacy Haiduk as
Marilyn Rossi
We don't know a whole lot about Marilyn Rossi except that she's not really an investigator, but a criminal who worked for Vikram (I know, I know...birds of a feather).  We learn she's the one who  got into a cat fight with Regina, scratched up her arm, and then later finished the job by bludgeoning her to death.  Chief Masterson reveals this, thereby publicly vindicating Danny of this killing, but there are some things we still don't get.

Like, when Chief Masterson arrests Rossi, he reminds her that they've found the money for the hit she was paid to do on Regina, they know she forged evidence against Danny Desai, and they know she's a criminal working for Vikram.  Masterson bluntly explains that if she doesn't start talking, she will go down for all this ish alone.

In the face of all of this, Rossi still refuses to give up Vikram, making us wonder if he was screwing her too.  And if so...was it that good?

TJ Ramini as
Vikram The Sex God Desai
The Cult of Vikram opens some doors for the writers with which to bail this show out of failure.  Because of the tangled history in the parents' generation, Twisted could possibly save it itself by exploring Vikram's history and examining how he managed to manipulate so many people for so many years, getting to them to lie, cheat, steal, and even murder for him.

Twisted could redirect our core four - Danny, Lacey, Jo, and Rico (still no last name) - to figure out what really went down.  The writers could flash back to the parents' youth in high school and college, and I think Dejan Loyola would make a great younger Vikram Desai.  Tiya Sircar could be featured as a young Tara Desai, and we could finally learn what the hell would drive a brother to strangle his own sister and then frame his own son...and then fake his own death.

'Cause when it comes to the Twisted Family of the Year Award, the Desais officially have my nomination.  Now, I hate to see an Asian-American family go down like this on national TV, but if ABC could re-craft its small town thriller and give us a weekly stunner in which Avan Jogia, Kylie Bunbury, TJ Ramini, Dejan Loyola, Tiya Sircar, and Ashton Moio are all earning decent checks and building their resumes, I'm down.

Some other things to note: Lacey Porter is hellbent on proving Danny's innocence.  Unshackled by the rules of popularity, she goes into full detective mode, even getting up in Gloria Crane's face and interrogating her.  She gets this new glow and new bounce in her step when Danny is exonerated, and Jo "gives her blessing" (read: permission) for Danny and Lacey to be together.  To which I already know Dacey fans collectively asked, "Bitch...who is you????"

By the way...remember that weird new guy who's stalking Lacey?

I'd wondered how long it would be before we finally met someone from Danny's stint in Juvie.


  1. "Oh, yes. According to Gloria, she and Vikram were in love (whatever that means on this show), and before he died (the first time), he was supposedly planning to leave Karen for her. Regina found out and started blackmailing Vikram. But when Regina decided she didn't want Vikram's money anymore, Vikram apparently said "Fuck it," and put a hit out on the girl...and then framed his son (again)."

    If they hired the writers that used to work on Passions, I'd buy this b.s. more. At least Passions didn't pretend to be anything but a televised crack-fest.

    1. It is entering soap opera territory at warp speed.

  2. Would you believe that I was on and off with Twisted. I only watched 20 minutes of it before I went back and forth with it.When most of it began to be focused on Jo,that was when I flip the channels.

    ABCF know that they have really screwed up with Twisted and its still hemorrhaging. I knew that Details.Rossi was crooked, but I didn't know that her arrest was going to be so quick. It just seem that the producers are impatient to get the plots thicken,whether its her,Vikram or Danny and they just bring it out to soon.

    Though Jo gave her blessings for Danny and Lacey to date again.. I wonder for how long? Geeez! she isn't nobody's mother. I just hate how Jo has to be the mother hen,counselor friend,etc...she's always have to dictate which way people have to go with their lives. If Danny loves Lacey, it should be just that.

    Twisted could have been a great show if they would not been so Poor Jo. So far,the episodes his been disappointing. I want to be surprised but so far, its been anything but. I'm still waiting for it.

  3. Lacey wanted to help Danny since the beginning of the episode, and somehow she has been reduced to being stalked by some random white guy and playing with horses. All the while #PoorJo gets the glory. I just about jumped through the TV when #PoorJo decided to follow Lacey to where Danny was (at Rico's) and said she could go tell her dad that Danny was there. Who the hell is she? At this point, all I can do is roll my eyes.

    1. Ain't heard from you in a while!!!

    2. Hey! School has taken my time. Keeping those grades up!

  4. Ah, the Cult of Vikram lol So true! While I honestly thought my eyes would roll out of my head by the end of the episode with Jo having to be the center of everything, it really would be nice of she could be his sister, yes, just to get her to leave. him. alone. lol It helps that Danny's never shown any romantic inclination toward her, even when she was making a fool of herself declaring her love. Every time he looked at her, I could imagine a "....." showing up above his head; and I loved how easily he emotionally brushed her off.

    You know, while reading this entry, I was getting some serious flashbacks from my time watching "The Following." To see a young Vikram take the role Danny was supposed to have as a true sociopath would be great. And as for your choices of cast - Dejan Loyola and Tiya Sircar are perfect choices. I can't imagine choices for a young Tess and Karen, but you most definitely hit the nail on the head with the Desai family.

    1. It helps that Danny's never shown any romantic inclination toward her

      They better keep it that way, otherwise it'll be the final coffin nail in the show.

    2. I feel that's where they may be headed. You recall at the end when Lacey is hugging Danny and he just keeps looking at Jo? And then of course her approving of their relationship, which she should have no say in, as though her blessing makes her the better woman or something?

  5. It helps that Danny's never shown any romantic inclination toward her..

    Umm..Lately he hasn't shown Lacey the slightest bit of affection either. I'm going to wait to see what happens after this next episode,but I have a bad feeling. Also, what happen to the rest of the cast the audience grew to love. I miss Lacey's old friends.

  6. They ruined this show; because the plan was Danny was the face of the show only. This was supposed to be all Jo and the mastersons. But then the viewers responded very, very, very positively to Danny/Avan and Lacey/Kylie, this was never, never, ever suppose to happen on ABC/ABCF, two(2) coloureds, never. Now Lacey is dating and kissing Whitney !!!!!!!!!!!! I think Titanic theme was the right choice.


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