Makeup Artist Speaker Series: Dina Dinechka Interview w/ Robert Darrien

RD: Today I have the honor to speak with one of the most incredible makeup artists today, Dina Dinechka.  Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me.  

DINA:  Thank you so much for having me.

RD:  You are an incredible inspiration, well known, and multitalented in the makeup industry, did you always know that you were going to be successful in the field or was it more like trial-and-error?

DINA: Thank you!  Because I had a tough childhood, I have this mind-set of having to do everything with my best effort in order to survive.  Before starting my company, I made sure to do research and learn about the business industry.  It was a strategic plan, so that my time would be used wisely and my company would become successful.  Trial-and-error doesn't work for me.

RD: I think it's great that you took the time to plan and prepare yourself for what you wanted to do and it looks like all your hard work is paying off.  When did you first decide that you wanted to try being a makeup artist?

DINA:  My mother is a makeup artist, so I grew up being her assistant.  It wasn't really a choice of wanting to learn about the profession, I just naturally knew how to do it after helping her out with weddings over the years.  I became certified in order to be able to do it independently, and that is what I continued to do to pay my way through college. 

RD:  Working while going through college takes a tremendous amount of courage and dedication, it's great that you had your Mom to kind of guide you and show you the support and skills at an early age.  For someone who doesn't know your background, what would you want them to know about you?

DINA: It's simple really; I'd like people to know that I love to make my clients feel beautiful.  I've worked very hard to expand my business so that we can serve customers all over the United States. 

RD:  And with your caring personality, great energy, and incredible work, it's easy to see the amazing creativity and effor that you put toward your craft.  Who are some of the makeup artists that influence and inspire you?

DINA:  I honestly haven’t followed up on what other recent makeup artists have been doing. I’ve been in the game since 2004, so I’m just making sure that my recurring clients are happy and feeling great, and marketing towards getting more cosmetic sponsors so that I can share tips and tricks of the trade. 

RD: If you had an opportunity to collaborate or work with another artist, which artist or artists would it be and why?

DINA:  I am always up for collaborating with other creative individuals.  My company, Dinechka Makeup, is always looking for talented artists to join our team.  I don't require popularity or celebrity makeup artist status; I more so concentrate on the talent that an individual has to showcase.  I'm willing to work with those who do not have as much commercial experience as long as they have the passion and artistry to progress.

RD:  Last but not least, what future projects are you working on that you want to share with your supporters?

DINA: I know that I haven't been posting much!  Sorry about that, the more contracted work you sign up for, the more privacy that they require.  Hopefully though, I plan to complete some videos for YouTube. 

RD:  Thank you so much Dina for joining me and everyone feel free to check out Dinechka Makeup <<<HERE>>>.  I can't wait to hear about all the other incredible projects and talented people that you get to work with.  Please keep me updated.  Dina Dinechka Everybody!!!  :)


  1. Okay, see...now you're just showing off. ;)

    She is SMOKIN', Robert!!! Where the hell did you meet her?


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