'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Returns February 9th!!!

'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Returns February 9, 2014!!!  To all my other TWD, I'm sure you will all be in agreement when I say, "YES!!!  My Sunday night is back!!!" lol.

For those of you who need a recap on what happened before the season ended, AMC has been running marathons but you can also catch back up on 'ON DEMAND' on Comcast.  I'll give you a quick snippet so here's the disclaimer.  **SPOILER ALERT** 

The last episode that I remember was that the Governor has rediscovered his evil ways and this time with a new gullible army.  Is there anyone who thought that he may have reformed???  I did for a split second but as soon as he killed Martinez,  he was back to his old tricks again. lol.
Anyway, he decided to go after the prison with a tank and a mini army as his backup.  After meeting Rick at the gate, you realize that the Governor had captured Michonne and Hershel.  I know, I know, how could he capture Michonne one of my most favorite characters of the show??? 

Long story short, they invade the prison but not after the Governor killed Hershel.  Shots are fired on both sides, the fence has fallen and zombies are coming in from the left and right.  

Next thing you know, most of the people in the Governor's army are being killed and the Governor gets taken out by Rick.  Or is he...???  

The bus in the prison takes off with people, but you're not sure with who.  There are still kids inside the prison.  Rick and Karl get separated in the forest as well.  I think that's a quick recap so far.  With that said, what do you think is going to happen next...???  

Shout out to all my other TWD fans.  Let me know what you think.  Sorry, been a long time fan of the show, but it would be great to get to interview or speak to any member of the cast or show.  Anyone know how I can make that happen...???  


  1. Oh man!! As soon as I saw this post my heart started racing. I am soooo ready!! However, I will see it a day after everyone online and sooo I will have to stay off social media when it is airing.

  2. I'm sticking with the game for the most part. I watch the show infrequently since they keep killing POC characters off and sidelining the ones they have. The game maintains a POC protagonist which is pretty damn cool in my book. Of course some people may not see Clem as black/non-white, but I think that is by design. It would have been nice if they had made it clear in much the way they did with their depiction of Lee. Their concept art seems to and the picture of her parents suggests as much. But they lightened Clem in the process and have mostly kept her hair contained/unseen. A bit off topic but I will probably watch this new episode but I'm not expecting anything great. Carol is one of my favs at this point and if they would give Micohnne a bit more spotlight I could remark upon her as much as I do the actress who plays her (Danai cannot be denied!).

  3. I am glad that we got to see part of Michonne before the zombie meltdown. We got to see her boyfriend and son. We got to see her being emotional also.


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