DramaFever: The Iron Empress

...Because I'm a sucker for historic epics and strong female leads.
Synopsis: Based on a true historical figure, Chae Si Ra takes on the role of Empress Chun Chu of Goryeo Dynasty. A warrior queen, Chun Chu is the granddaughter of Wang Gun, the legendary first king of Goryeo. Wishing to protect her lands from outside Chinese forces and the other kingdoms in Korea, she battles alongside her soldiers in support of her brother, King Seongjong. But despite their united front for the good of her country, she wages a personal war against her own brother over the raising of her son, Mokjong. When Seongjong is left heirless, he decides to take his nephew and raise him as his own. Chun Chu struggles to win back her son amidst the wars and political intrigues in the palace. A sweeping epic of the early Goryeo Dynasty, The Iron Empress depicts a strong woman who is willing to give up love and family for the good of her empire.

Because I can't embed this one for some reason, watch all of Episode 1 here.


  1. This doesn't fall under your DramaFever and it has no female leads. Its a good movie I just watched with Jet Li. Its called Ocean Heaven (I rented it from iTunes, its no Netflix). I have to say its my favorite (so far) of anything else Jet Li has been in. Which says a lot because I love his action movies. In this one you can see him actually ACT!

    1. I've been eyeballing that one on Netflix. What did you like about it the most?

    2. Wow where do I begin!

      The story line highlighting autistic children. Its something that anyone with an autistic child no matter where they are has to go through. I have a friend who has three autistic children and its her fear something will happen to her and her husband. They are only children and their parents are elderly. So that is very real in the story.

      The actor (Wen Zhang) portraying the autistic son does a awesome job. I actually looked him up to see if he really was autistic. Nope he isn't, but he studied for the role like crazy. The role required swimming and he couldn't. He is now an excellent swimmer.

      Jet Li is what I liked the most. I'm a fan of his action films because I'm an action films type of person if I have to choose. I was going to say it was because it was done in his native language, but I've watched some of his action movies in Chinese and still. NONE of them compare to this one! I can honestly say if this was the first Jet Li movie I ever watched; I would feel cheated with his action films. It doesn't take much to be a badass. In this movie you see him have a range of emotions from fear, happiness, love, frustration, anger and everything in between. I FELT those emotions. There was only one tiny part I wish they had added a little bit more to, but other than that if left me satisfied.

      I'm trying to get back into foreign films. I used to watch a lot of them back in the day when I had more time. I quickly learned that they normally topped what I saw in the States! Some of my favorites are Raise the Red Lantern and Secrets & Lies. I looking for some from African countries next. The majority I've watched have been from Asian countries (mostly China) and the U.K.

    3. Raise the Red Lantern

      The great film of my youth.....

      I looking for some from African

      Kenyans are producing some quality media.

    4. I'll have to check it out!


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