Flow Test for February PART 2!!!!

Hey Reader,

So I've grown to thinking that nobody reads my Flow Tests......and I'm perfectly fine with that. Earlier in the week I've realized that I was looking for readers when in all reality the reason I started this project was to track my life for this year. Big things are happening and I just want to express my thoughts. Vulnerable. That's what I'm growing towards. Let's keep going and see what 26 means....

Feb. 19 8:39pm

I’m on the 16th floor. I’m at work. Now on the 5th not doing shit. Working. making money.

Feb. 20 9:03pm

I’m in the basement watching the heat and thunder game.

Feb. 22 5:10

On the red line heading to rehearsal. I’m tired guys.

Feb. 22 9:44pm

Im at the Conrad about to head out to hopleaf. I’m on the red line heading to hopleaf.

Feb. 23 10:18

I’m at the apartment. Just woke up. I’m so tired.

Feb. 23 11:55pm

I’m in the lobby. It’s the overnight shift. Glad you survived this last week man.

Feb. 24 10:16

I’m on the red line heading to work. This is a personal flow test.

Feb. 25 1:00pm

I’m at the apartment. My eyes are burning and I’m not going back to sleep anytime soon.

Feb. 25 4:45/ 7:42pm

On the red line heading to iO to watch a show.

Feb. 26 12:42pm

I’m in the 11th floor. They have given me another person to train.

Feb. 27 8:28am / 2:33pm

I’m in the basement. I’ve been looking at what time it is in Italy lately.

Feb. 28 12:37am

At the apartment. I don’t know what sleep is. I will sleep when I’m dead.

Feb. 28 6:49am

I’m on rush street. This is my 6-2 shift that picked up for Pizzo.

Feb. 28 5:23pm

I just got home. I want you to erode.


  1. Hey...I comment and ask questions!!! I'm actually quite fascinated with this out-of-the-box experiment. Is the comments function turned on for your blog, by the way?

  2. I've been reading them on your site itself, and will have to comment on there soon. Great job so far though! I've thoroughly enjoyed being able to get a look into your thought process at such random moments of time :)

  3. thank you so much all of you!! I'll try to keep it up as much as I can :D


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