Is this science nowadays?

The following link is a piece of shit.


The following statements are excerpts from that piece of shit.

"Another common myth is that millionaires were born into money or inherited it. But that's not often the case. In a recent survey, Fidelity Investments found 86 percent of millionaires are self-made. And among the more than 100 millionaires I interviewed for my book, each was self-made and only 26 percent of them said they even had connections to important people beforehand. "

If one were to click on that "recent survey" link, they would find the following "evidence":

"Eighty-six percent of today’s millionaires did not consider themselves wealthy growing up ('self-made'), while only 14 percent said they grew up wealthy ('born-wealthy')."

First of all, the entire notion of being "self-made" is complete bullshit. Unless a person fed, clothed, sheltered, and educated him or herself from the onset, that person is not self-made. No one is self-made.

Furthermore, how in the motherfucking hell did a survey of millionaires' opinions about themselves lead to the conclusion that "86 percent of millionaires are self-made?" So these brainiacs asked a bunch of rich people if they thought they were wealthy growing up; the rich people said no; and then they came to the conclusion that most rich people are self-made. I'm no scientist, but I'm pretty sure self-reported data is not the gold standard. And I'm pretty sure it's not enough to support such a bold statement of fact.

So this is how science is done today, eh? SERIOUSLY! WHAT THE FUCK!


  1. I was reading this on my phone and from the very first line I knew this had to be a Ballisto post.

    Whattaya know.

    This is good old-fashioned pseudo-science, the science with a notably non-scientific agenda. I bet some "self-made millionaire" probably commissioned this piece of shit study himself. In an era where people are increasingly critical of the so-called upper class, I'm not surprised we're seeing "scientific" data meant to shut us up.

    Yahoo oughta be embarrassed.

  2. this is nonsense, so much of wealth creation or even the ability to get a job is based on networking. If you are raised middle class you are already connected to an extensive social network that can help you get ahead

    1. LOL, I know right? These folks are trying to insinuate they went from zero to hero. Um....no.

    2. If it were that easy, I'd be rich several times over by now.

  3. Yep. If there was a such thing as being a self made millionaire, I would do my best in locating it,otherwise the self made millionaire mantra is a load of pure crap.

  4. Don't you slander the sainted name of SCIENCE with this fakery!

  5. This conversation reminds me of this BBC documentary:

    I will never understand people with that whole "If you just pull up your bootstraps you'll be successful" mentality.

  6. Most of the million, billion, and old money "heirs" are rich due to slavery. That's what pops into my head everytime these stories about them come up. The lie that they simple pulled themselves by their bootstraps and all that is a cover up. Yeah they totally pulled themselves up by their bootstraps by placing shackles on others and they continue to do it now. Im going to go out on the limb and say those congressbastards and the old money hags were not interviewed.


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