Kenyan Drama: Shuga (2009)

Yes, yes, it co-stars Lupita Nyong'o.
Shuga is a Kenyan television soap opera that was...part of a ground-breaking multimedia campaign to spread the message about responsible sexual behaviour and tolerance. It later became a hit and was aired in 40 different African countries before it was aired internationally in over 70 television stations. It was thought to be a very controversial series by the senior generation of Kenyans because it contained some scenes that contained sexually explicit content. It bagged a Gold award in May 2010 at the World Media Festival in Hamburg, Germany in the Public Relations Health category for its vivid and uncompromising focus on love, emotions and sexual behavior amongst the Kenyan youth.  (Source)
And here's Episode 1!


  1. This is a really addictive drama. I'm loving the contrast between the hood and the hi-life. And I LOVE the code-switching!!!!

  2. Lupita is was always destined to be a star.You an clearly tell it on Shuga. This was a good film.

    1. Oh, yes...her star quality is so obvious here. I hope she does another Kenyan drama.

  3. Thank you! Im so glad to be seeing her work before 12AY. She is amazing. I like the whole cast and the transition between scenes are amazing. I am a sucker for great transitions. Can't wait to share this and finish this drama. Them dudes are fine!

  4. Asada

    Yup...I'll give credit where it is due! This is nice...it moves quickly and keeps your attention. And yes , I was gonna mention the high life / hood life dynamic!! I would like to see more of this and others =D


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