Blasian Today Magazine: Colorless World's Got Company!

(h/t Meanie)

#BlasianInvasian indeed, folks!  Our media is on a steady rise!

Colorless World's got company, and we'll be keeping tabs on this syndication just the same.
Blasian Today magazine celebrates the combination of African (black) and Asian cultures, highlighting Blasians from all walks of life and paying tribute to Blasian roots--Asian and African (Black) culture.
Here's a preview of the inaugural issue:


  1. I'd like to recomend to this magazine to include the latin blasian couple of an afrolatin reporter,her name is Ilia Calderón,she used to work for Univisión( I dont know if she still do),and is an afrocolombian,her husband is korean-american and they have a beautiful daughter.

    1. Yes, I posted their video to Facebook. You can also reach out to the masterminds behind Blasian Today and Colorless World (AMBWP) on Facebook to make suggestions for their magazines.

    2. I've heard of Ilya Calderon. To me, she's a breath of fresh air. Its very rare to see a Black person on Latin American TV and if you do most times, they are put in stereotypical positions (movie/series). I don't know if she's was/is the first Black woman to be a news anchor of their media but fat as I'm concerned, she's a trailblazer.


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