We really need to talk about the Huangs

From Wikipedia:
The Huangs are a U.S. couple found guilty in 2014 of neglecting their adoptive daughter thus leading to her death. The Huangs had moved to Qatar with their three young children in 2012. Matthew Huang, a Stanford-trained engineer, was relocated[1] there by his employer, MWH Global, to work for two years on a major infrastructure project[2] related to the 2022 World Cup improvements. Matthew and Grace had adopted all three of their children from Africa. In all of the adoptions, the Huangs used a respected adoption agency and obtained all the proper visas from the State Department. The Huangs’ middle child was Gloria, whom they adopted from an orphanage in Ghana when she was 4 years old in 2009 and who had chronic eating disorders according to the parents.

In Ghana, Gloria was born into extreme poverty and grew up in impoverished conditions up through her time in an orphanage. "The Huangs describe her eating issues as a sporadic behavioral problem that resulted in Gloria sometimes going days where she refused to eat. She would then follow such fasting with unhealthy binge eating and attempts to find food from bizarre sources, such as in the trash or from neighbors. The Huangs were aware of their daughter’s eating issues, had educated themselves about the best way to handle those issues, and were attempting to manage the situation and help her grow out of it."[4] Matthew and Grace Huang say that Gloria had eating disorders.[5] The California Innocence Project has said that Gloria died of her eating disorder.[6]

On January 15, 2013, Gloria died unexpectedly and suddenly. The death certificate, issued by Qatar’s supreme council of health, listed the causes of death as "cachexia and dehydration".[7] Her parents were subsequently arrested on suspicion of murder and human trafficking.[4]

...According to the "California Innocence Project" the report filed by the police in the investigation of noted that the children were not “good-looking” and did not share the “hereditary traits” as those of their parents.[4] The CIP reports that investigations also theorize that Matthew and Grace “bought” their children in order to harvest their organs, or perhaps to perform medical experiments on them, allegation arising from the testimony of unnamed sources who claim that family kept to themselves and did not socialize[3]

However, friends of the family in Qatar have come forward to praise Matthew and Grace’s parenting skills and the way they care for and love their children. One family was even at the Huang's home the night before Gloria's death, where they say that they witnessed Gloria walking around and sitting with the family.[3]

While the death certificate indicates that the causes of death as "cachexia and dehydration," an independent review performed by a highly regarded pediatric forensice pathologist questions the determination.[3] The formal definition of cachexia is the loss of body mass that cannot be reversed nutritionally. Cachexia can produce symptoms such as weight loss and muscle atrophy, which often looks similar to starvation, and can be caused by a range of conditions, including congestive heart failure and autoimmune diseases. These causes were not screened in the report by the medical examiner in Doha.

One theory of Gloria's death was that she was starved. However, Gloria was witnessed walking around her home the day before she died by a visiting family. Her brothers recounted to the police how they had played with her and that she had appeared normal in the days before she died. While a child can go a few days without eating without risk of starvation, a child would not have the physical strength to walk one day before death due to starvation.

As noted in the report by the Qatari medical examiner, Dr. Anis Mahmoud Khalifa, Gloria also lacked other physical hallmarks of a child who was starved to death or abused.[3][15]
Seriously...the shit happening to Matt and Grace Huang is some next-level bullshit.  I can't embed the video where they talk about their kids and we get some background on their family, but y'all really need to watch that.

Those kids were happy.  Their parents clearly went all the way to provide for them, and I find it appalling they can't even have a proper funeral - much less grieve - for their daughter or go home to their sons, not to mention the fact Mr. Huang's former employer is being a total asshole demanding that he get back to work.  Um...did you not hear the man lost his daughter and was convicted of her murder???  That's not exactly the flu.  It's not something he can just get over in couple of days.

All I'm seeing is that some people who weren't Madonna or Angelina Jolie adopted three African children, and are essentially being punished for it.  Qatari officials have gone on and on and on about the interracial aspect about this family with zero evidence of cruel intent.  I get that in Qatar, people don't adopt outside the family, much less across racial lines, but this is not a Qatari family.  This is an Afro-Asian American family, and they see things a bit differently.

I've already signed the petition and made my donation.  I suggest y'all do the same.


  1. So sad ...but Im still at the part that they said ' the children are not good looking and did not share the hereditay traits as does of their parents" what? Apparently they had never heard of "adoption",much less "interracial adoption"...I cant believe that at this time and age,theyre still people with this kind of ignorance.Im gonna keep'em in my prayers.

    1. Girl, that part had me too. The Qatari classify the Huangs as white and claim not to understand why they would adopt black children without "sinister" intent. Really.

      Meanwhile, these people only came to Qatar back in 2012 for a damn job. Do a job, get a check, get back to California. They weren't even trying to move to Qatar like that.

    2. OMG!! What does good looks have to do with being good parents?

      This story reminds me of a story that took place in my city 15 or more years ago where this Black family was wrongly accused of abusing their now deceased son. Although he appeared to be bruised up,his injuries wasny a result of child abuse but that of a very rare disorder in where it makes children sick and bruise easily. Though they were exonerated, it just remind me how some folks with not look before they leap.

      Secondly, its funny how the Quatari courts are going on against the Huangs because of their blended family. No they are there for the kids, they are properly educated, loved and well fed. They're "bad" parents because they adopted Black kids and died of an illness they couldn't control. I guess that a Qatari can easily adopt/respect. children if the parents are attractive and Qatari. That's crazy.Seems like the Huangs boss have no heart.. oops *sarcasm * The kids are Black... who cares?

    3. 'The Qatari classify the Huangs as white'

      Now THAT I find offensive =P

  2. What the Qatari said about the children looks and the Huangs' intent without any evidence is cringe-worthy, indeed. I didn't follow this news closely but I'll watch the video of the parents. I did heard though that the 2 other children were sent back to their grand-parents in the US, didn't they? Or to an orphanage?
    This is really sad news. For all of them.

    1. They're with their grandmother.

    2. Good to know, at least they're with family. I usually don't really take sides in news like that, but the lack of evidence is a big issue and very telling.

    3. Thank you. And that's all I'm saying. The lack of evidence is appalling, leading me to believe this family really is innocent. And if so, what's happening to them is downright traumatic. Their child died one day, and they were arrested the very next day. Now they're separated from their boys by an ocean.

  3. And then there's this:

    "The judge reading the verdict did not specify what offence the couple had been convicted of, but the prosecution had earlier downgraded an original charge of premeditated murder to one of "murder by negligence"."

    Say what???


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