Blasian Love in Nightingales

As you may (or may not) know, my second book, Nightingales: CRASH!!! is set for publication next week.  This is a supernatural mystery series featuring five women of color who join forces to figure out what the hell is going on in their apartment building. Each lady is armed with a unique set of skills. Two of the women are black, and one is in a Blasian relationship, and as such, is featured here on the Narrative.

Fans of my blog, Musings in the Dark, know the genesis of this project (*cough Ankh cough*), and thus also know that these characters have been dreamcasted.  So if you will, allow me to introduce you to Monica and her beau Chris.

Chrystee Pharris as Monica
Monica Tierney is a store manager, a law student, a gifted linguist, and a computer geek.  She's a proper church-going, choir-singing Southern belle, who is engaged to the love of her life.  Monica speaks six languages and knows her way around high-tech firewalls and cyber-security systems.  She plans to be an IT attorney and get married after she graduates from Emory University's law school.  Currently, she's in the process of trying to get a second summer job at either King & Spalding or Alston & Bird, the top two law firms in Atlanta.

Dan Southworth as Chris
Chris Kang is an auditor for PricewaterhouseCoopers.  He and Monica have been together since undergrad, and they are deeply in love and tighter than the kinks in my hair.  Chris loves numbers and statistics; he is a rabid sports fan and rides hard for his Falcons, Hawks & Braves.  In his spare time, he enjoys painting landscapes.  He loves listening to Monica read trashy novels and they converse regularly in Chinese.  Chris is the first person to understand the nature of the wrongness of Cressida's apartment and as a result, he becomes extremely protective of his fiancee and fears for her safety.  Chris does not make an actual appearance until Episode 2, which is the third book.

Feel free to keep up with Monica & Chris as the series progresses.

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