Blasianism II: Revised

The original "Blasianism II" always bugged the hell out of me; I was new to the video making process and needed much more practice. I'm also a huge Big Phony fan and wanted to show his music some love, so here was a great opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Some of you will notice the Tiffany Daniels/KevJumba footage is missing this time around; like the Raizo/Mika footage also missing, it didn't fit with the tone of the new version.

By paying close attention to the "narrative footage" in these videos, and evoking the mood of the new track, I was able to craft a story of sorts.  Take a gander:

Fans of the song can purchase "Diana, Don't Be Late" and other tracks from the acoustic album Bobby here.


  1. Beautiful video ! The footage is from music videos,short movies/stories or what? Let me know where I can find them.

    1. Thanks! The footage is from music videos:

      "That La La La Girl" - David Choi & Auburn

      "Trop Fresh" - Monsieur Nov, when he was doing it right

      "Rocketeer" - Far East Movement


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