Yes, there's some Blasian love in Queen of Dust

*nods* Jules Nguyễn got skills.
Why else would I be promoting this here?

Queen of Dust is the third installment in the Selo & Inya series, written by yours truly with a cover designed by Jules Nguyễn.

In Queen of Dust, Selo and Inya continue their journey through the central nation of Oon Sati.  They come across the village of Red Palm, known for its wine brewery and annual Festival of Life.

After taking the wrong road, however, they wind up at Black Grape Manor as the guests of a charming wine merchant, Ashvin.  Although Ashvin and his strikingly handsome brothers extend every manner of warm hospitality, Selo suspects they aren't exactly who they say the are.

Originally scheduled for release last year, Queen of Dust is on sale now at a promotional price of $2.99 from now until June 21st, 2014, after which it will go back to regular price.  Interested parties can read rough draft chapters shared on the Selo & Inya blog.


  1. For those of you just now hearing of the series, if you wait until later today, you can purchase the first book at the same promotional price until June 21st as well.

  2. ...and them brothers are FINE AS HELL. *images of sexy, sweaty men...*


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