Count the (Race) Fail

You'd think I'd know by now not to click on random videos on YouTube, but I just can't seem to help myself.  Curiosity got the better of me in this instance, and I got exactly what I deserved.  Because I really should have known better.  I was flabbergasted, offended and morbidly curious all at the same time.

While I can appreciate the attempt to discuss race and interracial dating in an honest, straightforward manner, I don't see what's helpful or thought-provoking about this particular discussion.  It seems to want to present itself as an open-minded conversation about what can admittedly be a touchy subject, but it really comes off as uninformative and a bit ridiculous. They don't really say anything substantive unless you include the stereotypes about black men being well-endowed, Asian women being submissive wives, using the word "exotic" to describe non-white people, the hotness of Latin lovers, and a somewhat creepy fixation on AW/WM pairings.  If I could insert a "mind blown" gif here, I would.

And I couldn't help but notice that no black folks were included in this discussion.  But then again, maybe it's best that they weren't.  Because this conversation is filled with all kinds of nope. 

We definitely need to have discussions about race in this country.  Many, many discussions.  But not like this.

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  1. Yep..these guys put the "F" in fail.

    It's like these guys wanted to have an honest discussion,but it's not really honest. How can it be such when there are no opposing/supposing POC's to debate on the show. I didn't hear anything that seemed supportive about IR couples. What I got out of this clip was people in these relationships date their significant others is because of stereotypes and not out of love. I bet that is what the 1st woman think and wish.

    1. These guys also put the U's in Utterly Useless.

      This is has to be one of the most pointless, worthless conversations I've ever wasted my time watching. I didn't even bother with the comments. All it did was confirm everything we already knew about how many young white people (and that one token harmless Asian girl) view race in America.

      I don't know how you stumbled across this, Cin, but I bet you needed a strong drink afterward.

    2. " I don't know how you stumbled across this, Cin but I bet you needed a strong drink afterward"

      I second that motion. This junk is enough to put people in a deep sleep

  2. I've seen this vid before, pure trash. I avoid watching videos about interracial relationships because a lot of them mention stereotypes but they rarely mention love, understanding, compassion, respect, etc...

  3. yeah a bunch of white people talking about race


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