New "Colorless World" issue out now

It's back!!!  Issue #3 is hot off the press and and filled with all sorts goodies.  Take a peek at what's in store for readers:

As usual, Rabz continues to provide recipes for folks interested in Blasian Cuisine.  I actually want to try this one.  I hope mine will look just as pretty.

Yet another beautiful couple with all their adorable kids!!!

...in case anyone's wondering what happened to Monet after The Kiss.

Our favorite fit nerd is back with more tips.

Every wonder what goes at these Blasian Maid & Butler Cafes?  You know already know I do.

And speaking of AMBW folks meeting up this year: where do you plan to spend your New Years'?

And now, the main reason this is a very special edition for me...remember that soap mistress I've been trying to introduce to you guys?

*Blows nails and polishes on sleeve* I may have made an introduction or two.


  1. The creators aren't playing when it comes to creating a great IR/AMBW aren't they.. beautifulcouples, recipes, soaps( I'm happy to see that it's also on here.( As I said before, I swear that it looks like chocolate candy. travel..impressive magazine.) I'm already reading the tidits on here and I'm not bored at all. These guys deserve an award for their magazine.

  2. Oooh, sweet!


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