The Narrative Nods to Gowe (@GoweHipHop)

I was introduced to Gowe's music when I was searching YouTube for music videos of Travis Graham.  My search led me to the first video which I'm about to post. His entrance alone onto this track sold me on his style immediately.

In his eloquence and commitment to being true to himself and to his music, Gowe reminds me a little of Lupe Fiasco. From what I can tell, Gowe's rhymes are primarily autobiographical and genuinely introspective. His youthfulness lends a measure of innocence to his social and personal observations. When he states that he "believes that music is a great medium that can connect people of all different backgrounds and beliefs" (Source), I actually believe him.

This next track is particularly touching; at 18 he discovered he was adopted. That his Chinese mother had in actuality adopted a Korean child (gotta wonder how that conversation went).

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