Zodiac: A Blasian Shortie

It's been a while since I've written a Blasian Shortie.  Years, in fact, and I'll apologize for that.  But the drought is over because the Muse has graced me with a wonderfully fun and diabolical idea, and so I'm going to experiment with it.  It will be a series of shorties, or chapters, under the title "Zodiac."

Summary:  Macallan and Madalyne Zhou are owners of the Zodiac, a popular nightclub in fictional Suva Oriana.  Macallan is a former criminal defense attorney and ex-Marine, and Madalyne is a former surgeon. They are a beautiful, attractive couple; elegant, confident, and completely amoral. The Zodiac Club is a front for the Zhous' secret and extremely profitable venture: a pleasure house.

Rick Yune as Macallan Zhou

Sanaa Lathan as Madalyne Zhou
Head on over to Shorties to meet the rest of the cast.

Check out Chapter 1 and Chapter 2

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