DramaFever: What You're Watching

Been a while since we had one of these, but this one comes to us by way of commenter Paige.
Hi Ankhesen,

I'm a complete Dramafever addict and I wanted to share with you the dramas that I've enjoyed. To be fair, I am a sucker for the romantic comedies, but there are a few melodramas as well.

"Dr. Champ" is one of m favorites, as the lead male Jung Gyu Woon is absolutely fabulous to look at, as well as the story line; which is about an orthopedic surgeon that has to change careers to specialize in sports medicine and ends up falling in love with a Korean Judo champ.

Jung Gyu Woon

I've also enjoyed "Oh My Lady" featuring Siwon Choi as a spoiled self-centered entertainer that discovers he has daughter, thanks to a meddling house keeper, whom he ends up falling for in the end.

Siwon Choi

The drama "Skip Beat" which is based on a manga is showing promise and is pretty new, this one also features Siwon Choi. Its about a young woman that is determined to be a superstar, to get revenged on her superstar best friend.

Finally, "A Gentleman's Dignity" is excellent as it features four men in their 40s and their love lives as well as the struggles with getting older.

If I think of anymore that I like, I'll write again!


Personally, Narrators, I've been watching any and everything with Ji Chang-Wook.

Gee, I wonder why.


  1. It's been a while since this topic wsd brought up.Ironically,my brother and me was talking about a Korean picture that tickled his fancy.The way he described it,it makes me want to see it.I asked him what the name of it but he forgot as he was just changing channels and stumbled on the movie.To describe it would be extremely general.I only know that it's either sci fi or drama and it involved a nurse .I'll ask him to describe it again.

  2. I just finished watching the Joseon Gunman. I mostly enjoyed the older bad guy actor, Yu Oh-Seong as well as the 2nd leads Kim Ho-Kyung and Jung Soo-In.

    Currently watching the Night Watchman for Jung Il-Woo

  3. Watching " Oh my lady" with Siwon Choi.

  4. Rewatching eps of Empress Ki. Aside for me and Jules, is no one else a fan of the historical epics?

  5. I've watched empress ki, Yi-San, Dong-Yi, and Jewel in the palace. Yi-San was the best one

    1. Yi-San's better than Empress Ki?

    2. Yi-San was way better, also Queen Seonduk is really good too

    3. Tree with deep roots and Return of Iljimae are good shorter historical dramas

  6. I'm not a fan of historical epics, as in I don't watch them, partly because it's sometimes too long (too many episodes). The exception was Bridal Mask that I enjoyed till the end though the main girl annoyed me.

    By the way did Queen In-Soo get broadcast on netflix? I think I heard you watched it there, Ankhesen. I wonder because this drama was broadcast on a cable TV channel in Korea (JTBC), not national channels, which is interesting. Actually JTBC is my favourite Korean channel for dramas so I'll watch this drama for sure.

    My top 3 of Korean TV channels for dramas lol -> #1 JTBC #2 MBC 3# SBS

    I'm very selective with dramas these days, I mainly watch "human" dramas, about social issues or dating. I've watched "It's Okay It's Love" (love stories mixed with psychiatric issues), "Woman" (Japanese drama - real life and family issues). I'm currently watching "Yoo Na's Street" even though there are more than 50 eps (ouch!) but I like the story with pickpockets and gangsters...tolerance and morals are handled quite well there, but it can get a bit boring with the ordinary life storyline.

    Chaebol dramas (rich boy-poor girl) are a big no-no for me, so "Oh My lady" and the like are not on my list.
    For anyone who want a ranking of kdramas from the 90s to 2013 go check this site: http://vaultofdoom.wordpress.com/2012/09/15/top-500/

    ^ The admin is very serious about it (like he knows the context and Korean society) and he has good taste in my opinion. You can check his reviews too, very well written.

    1. partly because it's sometimes too long (too many episodes

      For real. That's my one big beef; they take a story and try to milk the ever-living daylights out of it. Something that should be 10-20 eps stretches from 50 to over a hundred.

  7. Has any one watched "abnormal summit"? It is a Korean talk show where foreigners discuss cultural differences. Links to subs http://bxrme.tumblr.com


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