Ferguson. Kinda.

Good morning, evening, afternoon, whenever and wherever you're reading this. Its definitely been a while since I've been here. It never seems to be quite on the best note however...


The title alone catches your eye right?

Unfortunately with all of the stuff that happens to my black brothers and sisters, I am again reminded of a sad reality that exists in our "post-racial" United States of America. The truth is that POC are consistently treated differently from our more "american" counterparts. Interestingly enough, if we look at the disparity that occurs when it comes to anything related to police or prison, though POC are the minority, POC are the majority in these prisons.

Luckily no one profits from this type of system, ignorance speaking aloud and all.

Fortunately Officer Wilson will have the chance to be tried in a court of justice against his peers. Its a shame that Michael Brown will never given the chance. What's interesting however is that his character (Brown) is still being attacked in the land of the living, as if his actions beforehand, or his life, or any of the heinous things that teenagers do (the upside of working with kids myself), justifies the action that's taken place. Murder if that was a bit too subtle.

Now, to be fair, only Wilson, Brown, witnesses, and God really know what went down on that street where his corpse would lay. However, whether he is innocent or not, whether he is found innocent or not, whether any of this changes our lives or is confined to a simple hashtag and some reblogs or shares is on you, the reader.

Looking at the responses, by police, by media, by the vocal and proud that encourage the inhumanity of murder, and those that stand up against it, one thing is certain.

Though I am not in any rush to have any children and though the mother of my future children may not be black, all of this makes me question whether I would raise my children here. This, Land of the Free, and Home of the Brave.

Chrispy AKA Kon

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  1. "Though Im not in no rush to have any kids and though the mother of my children may not be Black, all of this make me question whether I should raise my children here"

    Excellent question and one that I also often ask myself. Though I'm past the age for having kids, I still think about that question. I was taking a break from my job and went to my local red center to walk my stress off.. Below the track where I was walking around, I seen some kids and maybe some young people,most of them were Black with a sprinkling of white guys in it. While I was enjoying looking at these kids playing basketball, I was asking myself " Do I want kids?" at my near middle age? As I told people if I haven't had them at 35, I will not have any. I thought that the older I got, that I would be depressed...crying ,,regretting not having any? So far, Im still indifferent in having any. Do I hate kids.no but I'm unsettled and to be a good parent you have to be half settled and that would n't be fair to the child.

    I also see my lack of kids for another reason: Ferguson. Something is terribly wrong when people like Michael Brown and marchers are approached by tanks and machine guns and worse, the residents.and media( who I don't always trust) were treated like nobodies. I mean..some of the stuff that I read and hear about it was something that you hear in third world dictatorships. Though I should have expected such evil, it still seem surreal.

    This is something that I see in other 3 world countries. I find the US to be one of the most hypocritical countries in the world. Here we are talking about stopping ISIS . Don't get me wrong, those beheading of those guys needs to be stopped, but how about the people of Ferguson and people in Ferguson like situations. Recently, the UN and Amnesty International gave the US, scathing reviews in the way the Michael Brown situation went down. My god..the UN and Amnesty did that? Who would ever have thought that the US would be committing Human Rights abuses ?( sarcasm). It should be an major embarrassment to our country,but it is also something that POC's have been saying for ages.

    For a couple of my friends who have traveled/lived abroad, they have been thinking about moving out of the states for reasons like Ferguson..one to Italy and Senegal. My aunt even want to move back to Germany..in her case..she just love the country. Even in the former apartheid of South Africa, I was reading the HuffPost about this Black man who is from Missouri who moved there. Ironically, he said..so far.. he having experienced half of the police harrasment that he did in his hometown in his state.

    Years ago my pops would tell me that I should experience the world( he liked traveling). I should have took him up on his offer. I often wonder what it would be like to live in another country. If I had to live in one I would like to live in Dubai, a French or Spanish speaking country or Japan since I speak some of both languages. As a Black person, I expect to be treated be treated a little different from non natives,but I find it ironic that while some people may experience it,it rarely seem to result in a Michael Brownish kind of case.

    I don't know why we're dubbed the " Land Of The Free". For me , freedom is where people can walk the streets without feeling like they will be persecuted for no reason other than the racial genetics they carry, when our POTUS can be treated as a man ..and not a Black man or when everything is distributed equally and not just for White folks only. I have yet to see this.

    Honestly, if I had kids, I don't think I would want them to be raised here and now that I can't..or refuse to have them at such a late age.. I wouldn't want to have them raised in such hostility like POC's are enduring today.

    1. @M=You can always mentor a child which is what a lot of them need these days. I knew at a young age (8) that I did not want to have children. Yes that was young, but i just knew I did not want the responsibility. As I grew older I never felt the urge. I love playing with babies and stuff, but the minute they start crying I'm hunting for mama!

      I know I too have been thinking about relocating outside of the US. I just saw where they used a taser on some white kid who is now in critical condition. So its getting real! Thankfully I had to travel for my job and just love to travel for leisure. I like both Germany and Italy, but actually considering Central/South America or even Canada. I love the cold. :) And the one thing I noticed when I traveled? I was treated like a person first. This isn't to say racism doesn't exist outside the US, but nothing like the good old USA.

      I keep telling people have an exit strategy. Because the people who can leave will and the fools will be left to run things. After what happened with Katrina black people should have woke up and started getting ready to bounce. Or pay attention to these doomsday preppers!

  2. Though I am not in any rush to have any children and though the mother of my future children may not be black, all of this makes me question whether I would raise my children here.

    And this is pretty much what it all boils down to. My answer is hell, no.

    Sounds like Nashville PD's taking things easy on you, Kon. 'Cause down here in Houston, Asian, Latino, and Black are pretty much all the same thing to HPD: fair game.

    1. You know years and years and years before all this crap started happening I said I would never raise children here in the US.

  3. "...all of this makes me question whether I would raise my children here. This, Land of the Free, and Home of the Brave."

    Yet one of MANY reasons I got my ass on a plane and the hell out of Dodge.


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