Sheik's Bed (2014)

Quick shout-out to author Rachel Cade whose email this afternoon made me laugh out loud.
I released a book recently called Sheik's Bed, I was wondering about sending it to Blasian Narrative because I wasn't sure if it would be considered 'Blasian'. On seeing your last post I guess it is....
It's a brief romantic novella, about 45 pages, and available on Amazon for only $0.99.

Now...I know some of you are missing CosmicYoruba right about now (I know I am), but hey...I can't fill those legendary Blasian Literature shoes.  But for those of you who read Sheik's Bed, tell your fellow Narrators all about it!  I'll keep this thread nice and warm for you.


  1. LOL, thanks so much for posting, its a part of a series. Part 2 will be released this month.



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