The Narrative Nods to Jeremy Passion (@jeremypassion)

Leigh...thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this one with us.

Oh, my Lord...on a lazy Sunday afternoon, this guy totally hits the spot.
Jeremy Passion Manongdo is a singer/songwriter known for his soulful, melodic voice, and delivers his music with messages on love, life and faith. Born and raised in San Francisco, he grew up with an immense appreciation and love for music. At the age of 4, he taught himself to play piano and, at 15, started songwriting. By the following year he was self-taught on the guitar and developed his talents into his signature style today.

Considered a “YouTube Sensation” to his fans and musical peers, he is acknowledged as a pioneer of the acoustic R&B /soul movement on the internet. Passion was one of the first Asian-Americans to go viral online with his famous original songs “Lemonade” and “Well Done,” and his acoustic covers of “So Sick” and “Cater 2 U” featuring Melvin. His subscriber base has exceeded 243,000 followers and has over 37 million channel views.

Passion is well versed in travel as he has toured across North America and internationally in more than a dozen countries. He has performed with artists including Colbie Caillat, Kirk Franklin, Bobby Valentino, Jo Koy, Ernie Halter, Alain Clark and Goapele, among others. In addition to his writing and vocal talents, he is also an up-and-coming producer, creating tracks for Taboo (Black Eyed Peas), Slim (112), Megan Rochelle and more.

Aside from his love for music, Passion has a heart for people. After doing volunteer work in Ghana in 2007, he was inspired to initiate The Empty Suitcase Project in Tanzania -- a music and art project with the mission to provide kids with an opportunity to find their own creative passions. Passion hopes to take The Empty Suitcase Project to the Philippines in the near future.

Seriously...you have to listen to this guy.


  1. My pleasure, girl! I'm glad you've enjoyed listening to him as much as I do. I just wanted to share my passion for Passion with you and your readers. :)

    1. Ooh, I think I found another Filipino singer for you. His name is Johann Mendoza. I want to spread the word about this guy, too. His voice is amazing! Anyway, his covers of some well known artists are spectacular. Please tell me what you think.



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