Autumn Asian Men: Arjun Gupta on #HTGAWM (@arjunguptabk)

Hello, Salty Goodness.  I'm talkin' Salt.of.the.Urf goodness, feel me?

When I learned this guy would be in the 3rd episode of How to Get Away with Murder, I immediately started my customary research (not a whole lot of personal info on this guy).  Lawd Hammercy on me, Narrators.  Gupta has a brief appearance (making another man understandably jealous) with potential for recurrence which, if it happens, will give us additional eye candy on this show - a huge A+ in my book.

I mean, Arjun Gupta, where have you been, boo?  I'm told you were in 35 episodes of Nurse Jackie, but that ish ain't streamin' nowhere!
Indian-American actor Arjun Gupta describes Sam, the character he portrays on Showtime's dramedy Nurse Jackie, as a recovering drug abuser who's simply trying to live his life with both feet on the ground. "In other words, I'm not a terrorist, computer nerd, doctor or emasculated male," he says. "These are the handful of archetypes that Indian actors typically get cast to play."

..."I like fragmenting what it means to be Indian in this country," says Gupta. As a nurse on the graveyard shift with substance-abuse tendencies -- not your more Indian-friendly physician type -- Gupta is going against the grain. "When you see American actors, you associate them with playing hundreds of different characters, but Indians in the media are usually portrayed in limiting ways."

Prior to
Nurse Jackie's second and third season, he trailed a nurse at Bellevue Hospital in New York under the guise of a potential nursing-school applicant. "One year, one of the male nurses there was very excited to see a man who was considering entering the profession and he tried very hard to recruit me," says Gupta. "I don't think we honor nurses enough, and any ridicule of male nurses comes out of male insecurity." (Source)

Uh...still my beating heart????


  1. Makes me think of the upcoming TV series about a South Asian family " The Tripathys", it will air on ABC next year I think...hopefully it will be well-received and be great.
    I like what Gupta says. I need to catch up with American TV series.

  2. Oh lawd.. if Arjun was my nurse, I'll be buzzing for his services all day just to look at that incredibly handsome face of him. Why do Indian men look so good?! I work around a lot of them and it's a miracle that I'm still able to concentrate on my work.

    I also I agree with him that nurse are taken for granted. For all of the work they do and for the crap they take, they deserve better. I look at male nurses like this; the only thing I care about is who does the best job and/or who gives the best patient service. I have a cousin who is an LPN and he talks about the stuff they have to go through at his hospital and it's a shame.


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