Autumn Asian Men: Conrad Ricamora in #HTGAWM

Calm down, ladies.  This one's not interested in women.

That being said...it doesn't mean we can't dream.

Move over Viola and Aja...we have yet another reason to pine for Thursday nights.  I first saw Conrad Ricamora in the pilot for How to Get Away with Murder.  He played Oliver, an insecure IT guy for a firm where a murder suspect was also working.  One of the main characters, Connor (Jack Falahee from Twisted...which, to no one's surprise, isn't being renewed) uses him to get some evidence.

At first, I thought we would see him one time, but come on...who can taste that just one time and walk away?  This past week's episode showed Connor asking Oliver to  dinner.  It also showed Oliver wasn't the insecure pushover we were initially led to believe.  He's not above hanging up on or slamming the door in a lover's face.  And his more "intimate" scenes are hawt.

Ricamora is Filipino, with an impressive background as a dedicated, versatile thespian.  You may not recognize him from a whole lot of film and TV, but trust and believe he's burning up the stage.

My hope for Ricamora is the he continues to recur on HTGAWM because I think it has a good shot at sticking around for at least a few years and launching/reviving/maintaining some careers.  The casting on the show has been quite satisfactory in some ways, and Ricamora is definitely one of those ways.

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  1. When it came to the guys the guys, Conrad was the first one, I laid my on, but soon as I seen him cozying up to Jack, I was like " why couldn't that have been me?.lol".

    Now if John was a little younger, this was the role that would have fit him as it fits Conrad very well. So far, I'm still impressed with his character. He's serious, sexy( regardless if he's straight or gay..something about his swag..Idk) and in control. Thankfully, I'm glad that Conrad's character isn't the run of the mill one.

    I would love to see more him on HTGAWM. He 's an intergral part of this show or at least he should be.

    1. He wasn't in the third episode and that ticks me off.

  2. Hey. he's gonna be on 1x04 and he's teasing that something exciting will happen :) Caaaan't wait! He's such a hottie!

  3. Hooooooly. Conrad Ricamora AND Arjun Gupta in an episode???? That was definitely a pleasant surprise!

  4. I just caught up with HTGAWM and I really like the Oliver character


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