Autumn Asian Men: Jake Choi on #Gotham (@TheJakeChoi)

I'll be honest: I've basically been watching FOX's Gotham waiting to see what crazy thing Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett-Smith) says or does next.  She generally doesn't disappoint.

But tonight...I was stunned to find this guy on the show.

To be fair, Jake Choi doesn't have a big role, and we only see him reveal his gorgeous face at the end when he's getting poisoned by Oswald-fucking-Cobblepot.  But dude was so pretty I just had to give him a shout-out...and gleefully do some research.
At six feet tall with alabaster skin and cropped hair, Jake Choi cuts an impressive figure. His muscular physique, toned from years of basketball, puts him in the same category as other up-and-coming Asian American actors who are known for their good looks and athletic builds, as well as acting talent.

The New York native grew up surrounded by hip-hop culture and idolized Tupac as a result. “He was my first role model,” Choi recollects. “He had a very strong personality. He respected women and made a song for his mom; on the flip side, he was very gangster, so that whole image was very appealing, especially when you’re a young Asian American kid growing up in Queens.”

The rapper also inspired Choi to start getting tattoos, which decorate his arms and chest. There are nine total: one for every year from when he turned 18 until he decided to pursue acting. “The first one I got was my grandmother’s name, date of death, and date of birth,” Choi says. “I told myself it’s very addicting to get ink, so I’ll stick to one a year. I have a whole bunch, but they mean a lot to me.” When playing a clean-cut character on camera, he covers up with a crew neck or button-down shirt.
I really hope we do see more of this guy. I'd hate to have to look back at this one and wonder what might have been. *fans self*


  1. He was in the Best Buy commercial with Amy Poehler.

  2. HOTNESS !!! Wow !!!


  3. Hmm..there is something about a guy in glasses that is very sexy to me.

  4. There's also this...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYXo-3-bEMM


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