Autumn Asian Men: John Cho on #Selfie

John Cho as "Henry"

Fall TV is here and I'm more excited than I've been in a looong time.  In fact, I can't even remember ever being this excited about Fall TV.

Anyway, allow me begin this by reiterating: I am a huge John Cho fan.  I will watch him in anything.  So even though his new show has a lower survival rate than FlashForward did back in 2009, I will watch.  I will watch until right up until the final episode, whenever that may be.

I actually watched the pilot while back when it was released on Hulu, then rewatched it today, and my verdict still stands: John Cho is foine.

Forty-two years old and still looking fly, I actually like his character of Henry (no last name).  Commenters and critics haven't been particularly enthusiastic about his performance, and while I will be the first to remark that he's nowhere near as passionate as he was in FlashForward, the premise of the show is both lame and problematic, and I doubt his heart is in it.

Hell, if it were me, I'd just show up for the check, the exposure, and the chance to make some new connections, okay?

Now, people have been citing Pygmalion references concerning the show's premise, which I think is way off.  According to the original Greek myth, Pygmalion was a cynical sculptor who shunned women and sought to fashion his ideal mate from stone.  Yeah...this show has nothing to do with that.

It's a pure My Fair Lady update, and Cho's wooden, frigid, stuffy, hyper-critical portrayal of Henry is a fairly accurate take on the original asshole, Henry Higgins himself.

Which brings us to the problematic issues with the show: we have a grown woman in the 21st Century begging a man to fix her. This has been the running complaint with every female critic I've read thus far and they're all right. Of all the movies to turn into a show, who in their right mind chooses My Fair Lady???  That sexist, antiquated drivel?

And now I'll add another criticism: why is a grown person of color - again, in the 21st Century - tasked with patching up some white person's dysfunctional life? Don't get me wrong...Karen Gillan is delightfully amusing, convincingly American, and utterly fabulous on Selfie.  But if any of you met the likes of her character Eliza Dooley in real life - and some of you have - would you so quickly jump at the chance to fix her life? No...no the fuck you would not.  You'd leave her to rot.

Anyhoo, I'm devout.  I will watch.  I will fangirl.  And I will pray that if this show does crash and burn, Orci and Kurtzman will have the IQ points to make Cho a regular cast member on Sleepy Hollow.  In the meantime, I'll enjoy seeing Cho in chic outfits and fantasizing about sipping coffee with "Henry" on a lazy Sunday...in his fabulous glass house.

What did you guys think?


  1. I confess I've only seen the commercials for this show, but I am very happy to see the gorgeous Mr.Cho in a starring role and not relegated to the sideline. I'm still pissed at Sleepy Hollow for under using him . I also find the whole premise of re-socializing somebody who lives their life on the internet to be be very interesting and extremely relevant. Many people acquire and cultivate the strangest behaviors from the internet . I think that when people are citing Pygmalion as having something to do with the story line they are referring to the play ,of that name, which My Fair Lady is based on. If I'm wrong that'll teach me from trusting information I learned from a Lindsay Lohan movie and I apologize. BTW Love love love your blogs. I lurk on all of em.

  2. I read somewhere that he wanted people to give the show a chance. I saw the movie and that was good enough for me. I enjoy watching him, but not enough to tune into this show. I pray that it leads to something better for him.

  3. The premise worries me because I don't see how the writers can mine something like this for years to come. This could've been a one-shot romcom flick.

    1. I agree. When I heard what it was based on I tried to figure out how you extend that over years. Of course, I think now people want a one hit wonder so to speak for a quick buck.

  4. I haven't been too interested in comedies as much as I'am with Sci-Fi/ Drama.

    With that being said, while I'm happy that John is being a lead man in this, I wished that it would have been more in serious roles like Flash Forward or Sleepy Hollow. I agree with the rest of your questions about his longevity of the role he has. I mean, I just can't see it. That is the thing I hate about comedic TV series with questionable lines like this, They tend to die of quickly and these days it's even quicker.


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