The New Faces of Korea

 A show where a group of 11 foreigners living in Korea (G11), come together to represent their countries views when discussing social issues.

Every so often as I flip through channels here in Korea I come across some amazing things. There are several documentaries showing "real" Korean life: people living in the country side, a mother who gave birth to triplets, grandparents who live out of an RV...and a Congolese family living in Korea. The children are fluent in Korean while the mother barely speaks any.

There is a hilarious show that has a caught the attention of many living here in Korea called Abnormal Summit or 비정상 회담 in Korean. Its a panel of  three Koreans guys and about eleven other guys from different countries including the USA, Turkey, Ghana, France, the UK, Italy, and Australia just to name a few. My favorite panelist is Enes from Turkey. In a poll, the fan favorite is Enes from Turkey and second is Sam from Ghana!
All of the men are fluent in Korean and it is interesting to see them intereact with each other in the language. They discuss foreigner life in Korea and how foreigners are viewed by Korean people in a hiliarious and fun way. They even discuss and share their own cultures. Many of the guys have become famous starring in commercials on Korean television. It is interesting to watch. All the episodes are subbed now on Dailymotion. I have showed my students a few episodes and they love the show. Without realizing it, they are learning about other cultures. Give it a look and tell us what you think!


  1. I like this show.
    Enes is entertaining and popular but not my favorite. I don't have one to be honest, they all can get plain or annoying sometimes. I guess I like them all, the bunch of them make a good mixture. Sam is funny but it's getting old now, like he's really fitting the stereotype and isn't really taken seriously, but I guess Takuya has it worse lol they don't really let him talk sometimes.

    I have few issues with this show, no show is perfect. Like when they had the issue about not caring about marriage...they didn't deal with the realest issues of this topic in my opinion. Like what it's really like to be a single mother or wife or divorced in Korea, in the workplace, in society, in your family, or even just being a loner in life. Statistics about the growing number of single Korean women don't lie.

    And the fat female comedian...

    But for the most part, I'm satisfied with this show. Really good and funny. The foreigners really enjoy themselves and don't look fake.

    1. I mean, young women in their 20s and 30s. And many do catch up in their 30s or 40s by getting married, indeed. But it shows that that guest wasn't abnormal...at all
      I wonder how this show would be like if they had invited female foreigners as well. But the all-male concept isn't bad, they get into privacy territory easily.

    2. Right! A friend and I had the same conversation about Sam and how he is becoming annoying and a little stereotypical thus making the others not take him as seriously. Also, I do wish they had females on the show...sometimes I think they feel that the show will become too serious with women as regulars. We shall see.

  2. One thing that sticks out to me for some reason is the fact that Sam is the token black guy in this show (this may be due to my views affected by Western Ideals) but I can't help but notice it.


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