Colorless World returns with its 4th Edition

The October 2014 issue of Colorless World magazine is out and it is one hell of an issue.  I must say...AMBWP has really hit its stride and built its own gold mine.

As usual, it begins with a mouth-watering recipe from Rabz...

...followed by a chat with an AMBW couple from South Africa!!!

I love all the contests and prizes they have; they fit very much in with the AMBW network and promote us from both a creative and business standpoint.

Also, the great photographer Zun Lee is featured, which I thought was a delightful surprise.  Though...considering Zun Lee's story, it really shouldn't come as a surprise.

I love the random photo shoots at the end of the magazine.  Everyone always looks so fabulous.

I'm glad Fit Nerd is officially a regular for this magazine.  This issue actually features before and after pics of himself.

And fans of Monet Wilde will finally get their quarterly fix.  You definitely want to follow this manga team on their Facebook.

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