The Dead Lands (2014)

There's not enough *squee* in the world right now; I'm straight up dying to see this film.

The Dead Lands is a Maori feature film notable for being entirely set within their precolonial history.  And it's in Maori.  And it has Maori in front of the camera.  And it has Maori behind the camera.  And that's just a recipe for pure awesome.

The synopsis is not complex and doesn't need to be: Dude is the son of a chief, Dude's tribe get's slaughtered, Dude goes on a mission of revenge, and starts by making a pact with the dead.

Dude is also a long-haired shirtless hottie surrounded by other shirtless hotties (hellooooo James Rolleston!!!).
Teen star James Rolleston is building for the future. His latest film, Maori action flick The Dead Lands, shot to No1 at the New Zealand box office last week*, leapfrogging Brad Pitt's World War II movie Fury. (Source, 11/9/14*)
Needless to say, I love, love, love the culture of our Maori siblings.  I was reading some critiques of the film and noticed that the more complex, spiritual aspects of Maori warriors went right over the heads of many critics.

While the crew are upfront about the creative license taken in The Dead Lands, it doesn't diminish the extensive work which went into making the film, from reviving ancient Maori terminology, to training a huge cast to be traditional warriors, to going all out with the kick-ass wardrobe.

I get it, I get it...it's technically still in theaters (no doubt with a limited release in these here parts) but...I wanna see it!

If you've already seen it, please tell me how awesome it is.


  1. When will this be available over here? Or is it a Netflix/iTunes type of deal?

    1. I'm not sure yet; I wish more people were writing about this. I've been checking though and plan to keep close tabs.

  2. I can't wait to see this! James, the lead, was so good in BOY. It's great to see him all grown up. Such a cutie!


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