Autumn Asian Men: Christopher Larkin in #The100

Christopher Larkin was born on October 2, 1987 in Daegu, South Korea. At four months old, he was adopted by parents of Irish and French-Canadian descent. He was raised in Hebron, Connecticut.

In 2000, Larkin was discovered by director Martha Coolidge and cast in the lead role of Hallmark Entertainment’s
The Flamingo Rising. He then went on to train at the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts before entering Fordham College at Lincoln Center as a theater major. Midway through his sophomore year, he made his professional theater debut in the off-Broadway production of Back From The Front. Prior to graduation, he took off the fall semester of his senior year to play the titular character in Kafka on the Shore at Steppenwolf in Chicago.

Larkin relocated to Los Angeles after booking several off-Broadway productions, multiple appearances on One Life to Live and a recurring role in The CW pilot
Cooper and Stone. Additional television credits include guest-starring roles on Awkward and 90210.

He currently portrays Monty Green on The CW's
The 100. (Source)
I'll admit it: I didn't watch all of Season 1 because dude right here wasn't in every episode. I remember skipping ahead to the end after a few eps and wondering what the hell happened to Monty.  Season 2, however...whole new ballgame.

The thing I like most about Larkin (aside for his obvious adorableness) is his beautiful acting style.  This guy is the living definition of "nuanced".  He doesn't overdo his facial expressions, but instead uses his eyes and voice a lot to convey the appropriate emotion.  I'm also digging the subtle ruthless streak in his character, Monty; it emerged in last night's episode quite unexpectedly...and was a very delightful surprise.

While I'm not sure The 100 will be the vehicle which really blasts off his career, I do hope it gets him where he needs to go.  A talent like this - and like so many others - would be a terrible thing to waste, and I want to see him in a lot more projects.


  1. Rick Yune will be in Marco Polo on Netflix. I don't know if its the whole series or just a few episodes.

    1. Well it is based on Marco Polo's time (I'm going from what I saw on the trailer) in capture. Here is the main trailer.


    2. I meant I don't know if Rick is in the whole series or a few episodes. I read in an interview he only likes to do a film or two every few years because of his outside interests.

  2. This is SOOOOO off subject. I remember Alia Atkinson from the Olympics hoping she would get a medal. All in due time.


  3. Thanks for covering him :) I hope he gets quite a bit more screen time in the future on The 100, and that said, I don't blame you for not watching the episodes he doesn't show up in. They seemed to separate him from Jasper toward the end of the season, so that he was no longer connected to the hip with him. But that time alone seemed to really help his character grow, and I think how he is in season 2 is a result of that time he spent on his own.

    So now we see that his head isn't in the clouds like Jasper, but he's not delusional and perpetually paranoid like Clarke - he's instead a fantastic mix of perceptive and cautious. I hope that bodes well for him (and hopefully the other POC characters) the rest of this season.

    1. So now we see that his head isn't in the clouds like Jasper, but he's not delusional and perpetually paranoid like Clarke - he's instead a fantastic mix of perceptive and cautious.

      Exactly! Excellent description. When you've got Monty and Jasper side by side, you're like "WTF is wrong with Jasper????" Like, dude rolled right over just because the Mountain people gave them cake and a pretty girl smiled at him - basically!

      I hope Monty's level head allows him to do something utterly bad-ass this season. I'm waiting for it?


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