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So, a great idea popped off in my head a while ago about the writers directly interacting with our lovely readers here. Originally, the idea was to conduct a Google Hangout but schedules and other complications arose. So, here is the idea, something new (roll credits) that I am excited to share. And you get to be a big part of it.

Once a month, all of the writers will give their personal opinions on a current topic or issue through several questions (to keep it from becoming too elongated). We will also answer a submitted question or submitted topic from any of our readers.

Our hope is to display a wide array of opinions and to encourage dialogue among our readers and contributors.

In the comment section below, leave any topics, questions, or anything you would like us to answer or discuss in the comment section below. If yours is chosen, we will give you credit.

So, lemme encourage you to write away and leave us plenty to discuss.

-Chrispy AKA Kon
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Note: We will keep you posted on when we will start soon :)


  1. 1. Thoughts on possible loosening of restrictions against Cuba?

    2. Assaults against women on college campuses.

    Long time lurker

  2. Sony Pictures fallout and Al Shaprton being brought in to advise.

  3. ( I may have twice put my comment in the wrong comment box. Delete them in case you come across them)

    Anyways.. two things that have been on my mind

    1) New York Mayor Bill de Blasio's snub from the NYPD
    2) Iggy Azalea wanting " something for nothing" from the Black community

  4. Maybe this?

    Wait, I'm going to put it under Marco Polo's post, might be more relevant there.

  5. I actually have 2 questions...
    1. Western-born Asians in mainstream R&B/pop Western Entertainment: should they keep conforming to whatever's trendy or go another route and try to stand out? And is aiming for the "mainstream" something only that should be done after establishing a "niche market" in the West? Do niche markets exist in America? (considering it has the largest music industry)
    2. What do you think of WebTV for the Black and Asian communities? (seperately) What changes would you like to see?


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