Apologies and Explanations

So I am writing this post to explain my actions, feelings, and overall regrets in regards to a tumblr post. 

I found a picture on Facebook, took it, and reposted a picture with the caption #foodforthought 
I didn't think through the reprocessions of such an image and how it would be interpreted or how it could have been hurtful. 

Now for me personally, I saw this more so as remnants of slavery persisting among things like consumerism and whatnot. Nothing too indepth but just a general understanding at the time. 

In hindsight I should've definitely been more mindful of my platform and how this could've hurt my black brothers and sisters. Anything from the past that provoke reminders of tradegy, hurt, death, etc. is bound to rile up emotions. 

I purposefully didn't choose a side or really lay my opinion at the time. I wanted to start a friendly dialogue, whether agreeing or disagreeing in a civil manner. I've read the bulk of responses and left my own apology (although that is not being shared) as well as deleting the original post. I am not above correction and/or being corrected. I am willing to learn to stewart my platform in a manner that is more conducive towards dialogue and less towards disrespect. I ask for your understanding in this and I hope to grow from this as to not make the same mistake again. 

I take full responsibility for anyone being offended or offending anyone. It is not my intention and I intend not to make the same mistake again. I emphatically apologize and ask for forgiveness and understanding in this matter. 

-Chrispy AKA Kon

If you have any constructive comments or criticism and are genuinely interested in helping me to understand, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @chrispyakakon


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    1. I was wondering that also. I have seen this image floating around but I never knew who the artist was.

    2. I don't know, it popped up on my facebook feed

  2. The top image is from a history book. I remember it from a African American course I took years ago in college. The bottom one I do not know. I get the point that you were trying to make with the bottom image. A lot of people are slaves to material things especially blacks.

  3. (I've seen the top image lots of times. I've been trying to see if there's a specific name of this image and the only thing it keeps saying that it's a slave ship (The top image).)

    Far as what you meant to do? With some people they are sorry because they got caught, or it's an obligation for them to say it but I will forgive because .in your case..it seemed that you was trying to educate yourself/others about the horrors of slavery through other means.

    I, too, made a mistake not long ago. I forget the name of the topic I think that it had to do something someone..Michelle Obama or transgender/the gay community( I believe..I'm not 100 percent sure someone correct me if I''m wrong) and how some people may refer to her as a " tranny". What I didn't know was that that term in describing transgender people is not only wrong,but it's a slur ..very much like the "N" word. Ankh corrected me on that and I'm glad that she did. I guess that slipped out of my mouth because the people I was around would freely use it without calling it a slur.

    I know that it get old when people when people say this and you've probably heard it many times but my feelings about transgender is not of hate at all. Like anybody else, I have no problems with people who don't have a problems with me..that is who I am. I have a open gay relative and knew a transgender woman and I love, respect,and accept them for them..because they are kind, good people..not because of the lame, " I've got so and so in my family.." but you wonder do they actually have contact with them?
    That's not me, although if I would have called our transgender friend that word , nine times 10, she wouldn't have thought that and would have been pissed with me( BTW, I felt very bad for a couple of days . All I could think about was those two )

    At least you want to learn more about slavery. There are people who swear they know everything about and couldn't be more wrong and wihen you confront them about, they see nothing wrong with what they did and ignore your pain. It take a big man to do what you have done and that is admirable.


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