Asian James Bond: Cast Your Votes

[Idris] Elba as [James] Bond would be great. However, being of Arab heritage and Muslim, I'd really love to see an Arab or Muslim James Bond. I can picture him now, instead of introducing himself as, “Bond...James Bond, ” he’d say, “Abdullah...Abdullah Abdullah.” If you think Limbaugh is screaming now, just think how angry he’d be to see that Bond. (Source)
My, oh my...an Eastern James Bond.  What would we do with ourselves then?  Who would you pick?

I'll start:

Rizwan Ahmed as 007

Rizwan "Riz" Ahmed (born 1 December 1982), also known as Riz MC, is a British actor and rapper from Wembley, London, of Pakistani heritage. He has starred in The Road to Guantanamo, Shifty, Britz, Four Lions, Ill Manors, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, and most recently, Nightcrawler. (Source)


  1. *falls clean the fuck out*. I would. DIE!!!!!

  2. Oh god..yes!

    I would be great to have MOC's playing James Bond. it would be great if Idris Elba became bond guy. He's hot, I love his British accent, he's a good actor and he definitely have swag. He's seems romantic.

    Far as Rizwan, Just looking at those South Asian/Arab/Middle Eastern guys make me want to faint They are seriously hot and Rizwan is not exception it's not even funny. I just can imagine Rizwan or an Arab/Middle Eastern/South Asian playing that role and having Shahrukh Khan's swag( That was my man in during the day) OMG..that movie would be too awesome. I wouldn't have to watch the whole movie to fall in love with those looks of his.

    He got my votes..over and over again.

  3. Khan Bonfils would be perfect! Sadly he passed away a few days ago. He's a Brit, tall, and f**king gorgeous! If I had to pick between him and Rick Yune. He would win easily!

  4. He would be wonderful, I've known him since he was at Oxford and best friends with my Boyf at the time. He is magnetic and sooooo handsome!! And he is one of the most intense actors I've ever met.


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