Colorless World Drops the First Issue of 2015

Here's what to look forward to in the January, 2015 issue:

The usual tastiness

A gorgeous Blasian family profile

Popular Blasian personality Rainier makes an appearance

A heartfelt open letter to Black women

More tips from Fit Nerd

Monet returns


  1. I think that I will be subscribing to this mag really soon.

    Who ever is/are the creator(s) of this out to be given a round of applause. Though I've never been an AMBW relationship/marriage( other than me having a blood paternal great grand from India) , it's a great read for sure.

    That Ranier..man..that boy has..and always be on a roll. I was lookingat an article he wrote for the Huffington Post. He's really good in what he writes and say. It just seems he likes what he what he's doing and makes sure that you'll like as well.

    I also read thew other article about Andre Santana and loved what he said. I'm not Korean, Japanese, Asian or a man,but as a Black woman, when a non Black American think that Black culture only consist of a musical genre..like the too often thoughts of hip-hop..there is where I have to stop them. As a Black person my culture it isn't just about music, it about so many things. it's about, family, culture, food, history and freedom fighters from the past and present.I would be completely turned off by their thoughts because they're not really learning about ME( as I've said on Shasha's blog) and you're" loving" what you're expecting who I should be rather than who I really am and I'm quite sure that is rather annoying to Andre.

    It really shouldn't matter what neck of Asia an Asian man is from , if he's a good man..that is all that should count. I've been attracted to races of men, not because of race,but because of something that stood about about them. With Asian men, I've been attracted to Vietnamese , Japanese,Korean , Indian, Bengali,and Filipino guys and if it's meant for me to be with one, then the good lord will open that door for me to be with him. It really shouldn't have to take a musical genre to be attracted to a man of different race. I didn't just become attracted to Asian men because of K/J pop or Bollywood..as a matter of fact, I'm not a grave fan of either. I guess, it was what my father taught me about the Vietnamese, Cambodia and Japan and what my late grandfather's Indian folks taught me about their side of the family as much as they could. They wanted me to learn about their cultures, and their people.

    1. Yeah, I like what they do with this magazine, though I don't check the manga part.
      Sometimes I'm surprised to read some insightful and mature stuff from Ranier, he's like...23-24?

      As for Andre I was a bit confused...like he wrote that letter to the future woman of his life or was advertizing himself to find someone? It's cute anyway. When he talked about Asian men and how we perceive them, I also didn't really see myself in this description, like the first Asian guy (he was a classmate) I really found attractive was almost as dark as me and looked nothing like an Korean idol. Still, I can understand why he feels like that, I don't fit the stereotype of the "cute black girl" that many men like. Even personality-wise I don't fit the stereotype.
      As much as I think that we should give Asian music entertainment some credit for exposing many young women to Asian men in an attractive light, I also think that many teen fangirls stay stuck in the superficial aspect of it. They'll eventually get over it though, and know better.

    2. Regarding Andre's letter, when I saw "Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese" I thought, Ooh...progress. Because I remember a time when it was "Korean, Korean, Korean, Korean, and that one Japanese dude from that one video."


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