Marco Polo's Been Renewed for a Second Season

Benedict Wong as the Great Khan
Well...that was quick!

It's happened, Narrators!  While Googling for news on Rick Yune (don't ask), I found this wondrous news:
Netflix has renewed “Marco Polo” for a second season, and also set the premiere dates for “Daredevil” and other coming series.

First, the epic historical-based exploration adventure will get 10 new episodes taking place in Kublai Khan’s 13th century China.
So now would be the best time to keep the chatter going on Twitter, on Facebook, and on the 'sphere so Netflix can know what it needs to do to salvage this show.

Also...big shout-out to the cast.  Congratulations on landing a second season!  Benedict Wong, Joan Chen, Rick Yune, Remy Hii, Mahesh Jadu, Zhu Zhu...even you Olivia Cheng please tell the writers you want to keep your clothes on next season - make your money, gain that exposure, and let's hope to the gods this brings you even better projects.

The Narrative toasts you.


  1. Looks like Mr. Yune will be back for season two according to his twitter feed.

    1. He better be! And the writers better do right by him this time.

  2. I will wait for your verdict, dear sistren


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