Fresh Off The Boat: "The Shunning", "Success Perm", & "Persistent Romeo" Review (Ep.3-5)

Apologies for another late review post, but better late than never I suppose.

The Shunning (Episode 3):
"Jessica finally makes a new friend she likes named Honey (Chelsey Crisp), only to discover that the other neighborhood women don't like her. To gain more popularity after not being able to have Jordans like the other kids at school, he figures showing off a hot girl like Honey to them will make him more popular instead."

Its nice that they're adding more depth to as far as giving Jessica a friend that shares a similar interest. Its especially endearing since she has had trouble acclimating and finding new friends with similar interests in Orlando.

It also tackles an interesting subject of selling out (befriending fake friends to bring in business) or being true to her friend, Honey (befriending someone who is disliked strongly). Its also nice that they gave him the pretty girl next door that Eddie is interested in.

Success Perm (Episode 4):
"Jessica's sister Connie (Susan Park), her husband and Louis' old boss Steve (C. S. Lee), and Jessica's mother visit the family. As they arrive in Orlando, Louis and Jessica have tried to make their house and the restaurant look nice so that successful Steve, snotty Connie, and penny-pinching Grandma Chu will think they're successful as well. Eddie is excited about seeing his cousin who introduced him to hip hop, Justin (Lance Lim), but Justin is now very depressing to be around since he found grunge music."

This episode was very needed as far as providing a good deal of backstory to the Huang's pre-Orlando. It details alot of motivation for Louis starting his own business, Jessica's relationship with her sister and mother, and Eddie's love for Hip-Hop. Its a very nice clash of one-ups both Louis & Steve and Jessica & Connie. Very well done as far as how Steve, Connie, and their mother were portrayed. The lesson is essentially both sides want to portray success over the other, ultimately both sides has their hiccups but they're both family and thats what counts. Also, the jokes are well written (the 90's fax reference and Steve driving his Miata from NY to Orlando just to show it off).

Persistent Romeo (Episode 5):
"Jessica requests that Louis has a sexual harassment seminar for the restaurant, but ends up making the employees feel harassed. Eddie tries to impress the kids in his school by showing them a dirty movie which happens to be Louis' sexual harassment video for the restaurant."

 So this episode carries over from episode 3 on Eddie trying to impress the popular kids with a sextape. It tackles every kid's desire to want to be liked or approved by their peers. It also touches on sexual harassment in a humorous way. Jessica, with too much free time watching several bad news what-ifs leads a sexual harassment seminar within the restaurant. It also illustrates "the talk" when the sex tape (sexual harassment training video) gets passed around school. Again, well-written and the casting was well done.

Five episodes in and this show feels like it knows what its doing. If you haven't been watching this show, you need to get in on this ASAP. New episodes on ABC every Tuesday.

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  1. "Persistent Romeo" had me in tears. It's my favorite episode thus far.

  2. Just saw some of the shows that got cancelled or renewed. Its stating FOB could go either way. People need to start watching.


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