Rihanna Covers the March 2015 Issue of W Korea Magazine

I'm sure there's an interesting and informative article in there somewhere, but for now I can't get past the covers. She looks absolutely stunning.

Smoking hot! Rihanna looks incredible on the front cover of W magazine Korea, for their 10th anniversary issue, out in March 

She stars on three collectable covers - and tweeted: '1/3 #COVER @WKorea 10th Anniversary March Issue! Shot by @dennisleupold'

Looking good: Her hair is styled by Ursula Stephen, into a messy high ponytail and she tops off her look with a dark slick of lipstick, by make-up artist ozzysalvatierra


  1. Good God, she looks amazing. The first picture is on another level.

  2. This is the best that I've seen Rhianna has ever looked. Not that she was ugly..she's beautiful but the way she dressed was getting crazy. W.Korea good her right in these pictures. She looks normal.

    1. LOL - I'm glad someone else said before me. These are some of the best images I've ever seen of her.

  3. http://www.fashiongonerogue.com/rihanna-lands-two-harpers-bazaar-china-covers/
    I like the green one more.

    1. Wow..first Japan, S. Korea now China.

      I'll level with you when I first seen this..I was surprised. I didn't think that they would ever let a Black woman..or people in general..grace the covers of any Chinese publications/billboards. I'm not saying that the Chinese industry still may be resistant to Black/darker skinned people being on them as I've read a Washington Post ( from Sardonic sister's blog) article about their industry hiring White/lighter skinned models from overseas and disregarded Black ones .because they weren't requested to do photo shots.

      Anyways..it seems as times are changing and in spite of me saying what I'm saying, I think that China is gradually changing. I'm impressed that Rhianna is making these magazines like this and showing that Black is certainly beautiful.

    2. Yes, it's surprising. I think that for one, W Korea and Harper's Bazaar are Western magazines in the first place so it could explain why their Asian versions are now having Black models. And two, this is Rihanna, she's super popular in the world, which means she's very marketable. But it's really cool when we know that the default model in some Asian areas is super pale or White.

  4. Here are other pics from these photoshoots:
    http://rihannainfinity.tumblr.com/page/3 (click to enlarge)


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