Winter Asian Men: Anthony Ma on #Scandal (@AnthonyMaSays)


Someone please tell me why Hollywood repeatedly insists on denying us this.  What is that about???  How cute is this guy?

Along with being a writer and a director, Anthony Ma is an actor from Los Angeles.  In fact, I'm sure some of you recognize him; he's also comedian with his own channel on YouTube.

I only learned about him while watching Scandal.  He was probably the only thing I remember/care about the whole kidnapping storyline which has fans wondering WTF has happened to the show.

In addition to being easy on the eyes, his character Pete was hilarious.  Scandal fans know how Olivia is legendary at being able to talk people into or out of anything, and when she's kidnapped and being auctioned off, she tries to talk Pete in helping her.

What's hilarious to me is that Ma appears to be this seemingly laid-back, comedic personality-type, but on Scandal, his character Pete is pretty cold-blooded.  As Olivia's auction price skyrockets towards a billion dollars, he makes it clear there Ain't No Way in Hell he's walkin' away from that much cheddar, and then lets her know precisely which part of his ass she can kiss.  For the folks who don't watch Scandal, let me clarify that characters usually don't do that...but he did.

Anthony Ma's IMDB page thankfully shows a decent list of credits, which I'm always glad to see; he also recently completed the film Elevator, where fans will see him portray a young criminal trapped in an elevator.  Love Arcadia is also in post-production, and he's the central protagonist.  I know, right?  Look at him go!

Check out his cuteness comedy:

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