Fresh Off The Boat: "Shaq Fu/Fajita Man", "Showdown at the Golden Saddle", & "Philip Goldstein" Review (Ep.6-8)

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No? Reviews below. Spoilers ahead maybe.

Shaq Fu/Fajita Man (Episode 6):
"As Jessica searches for a job for herself, Eddie starts working at the Cattleman's Ranch to get enough money for a video game he wants."
First, thank you online sites for making it confusing to understand whether this episode is called Shaq Fu or Fajita Man (please don't ask me to pronounce Fajita). And second, I should not do reviews in 3's. Oh well.
This episode details the moral of working for what you want, in this case Shaq Fu the video game. This plot details Eddie having to work to afford the game with his father, Louis trying to show the value of hard work as his father did. Its an interesting point that divulges into why Louis works so hard and the father-son dynamic between the two. Great way to build upon the existing relationship so far.

Also, Jessica is job hunting and utilizes her "strong" composure in becoming a real estate agent which explains what she does now while the kids are in school and while Louis is at the restaurant.

Kudos for the character development and some contributions from the grandma and the siblings whose names I cannot remember.
Showdown at the Golden Saddle (Episode 7):
"Jessica finds out the truth about the Cattleman's Ranch and Golden Saddle, while Eddie tries his best to catch Nicole's attention."
This episode gives even more backstory to Cattleman's Ranch. It ends up being a knock-off of The Golden Saddle, a local franchise that has many identical similarities. This also develops and showcases the relationship between Jessica and Louis (even showcasing their nicknames Scarface and Miller's Crossing, not identifying who's who). This was great to showcase their marriage as well as their chemistry onscreen making the viewing experience that much more pleasing. Plus the explanation for the billboard placement is surprisingly hilarious and practical.

The other half of the episode displayed Eddie trying to win the heart (or attention) of his neighbor, Nicole. Long story short, he finally gets to her through an Ice Cube album. I am curious to see how her character develops because it seems to hint that she has a less than stellar background which would add even more depth to an already great show. Like a broken record, great writing, greater delivery, and just a show that deserves a season 2 in the works if it hasn't already.
Philip Goldstein (Episode 8):
"A Chinese-Jewish boy, Philip Goldstein, is the new student at Eddie's school and they are paired up in all activities because of their race, even though Eddie does not like Philip. Jessica immediately likes Philip because he plays the cello and is a "good Chinese boy". Philip and Eddie make a deal that if Eddie takes Philip to see "Les Misérables" Philip will go along with Eddie to the Beastie Boys concert. Eventually Philip abandons Eddie and Eddie has to miss the concert looking for Philip. Jessica ends up taking Eddie to the concert the next day, and does not like it."
Shoutout to Wikipedia for the long description. Fitting in at a new school and finding your group is a univeral experience regardless of age, gender, race, etc. This episode was very fitting of that. To be honest, this is one of those episodes that technically works but I didn't completely enjoy. Mind you, Philip plays a great opposite to Eddie's character but I'm generally not a fan of these kind of characters in general (I work around kids and I hate annoying kids lovingly). It does drag a bit but it does show a reality that is assumed that because two people share the same ethnic makeup, they must have the same interests and values.

The writing and delivery is on par as usual. There is however a lackluster subplot of Mitch being rehired after the events of the last episode. No blame on the cast but rather its felt that the writers prioritized Eddie and Philip's dynamic first. The upside is that finally Eddie and Walter (the school's black kid) finally link up and become friends after bonding as "An Asian kid and a black kid bonding over music by white Jewish rappers."
If you haven't, get on this show now. 

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  1. I admit..I'm struggling with comedies these days and have not watched them as a whole,but I turned channel without thinking about what channel I turned it on and no realizing that I watched was the last 15 minutes of Fresh of the Boat it was funny. Though I'm still squeamish about today's comedies, FOB..at least the last minutes that I've seen , seems hilarious.

  2. Fresh Off The Boat, Cristela, How To Get Away With Murder, and Blackish have all been granted a second season. Any guesses as to what they all have in common?!?!?! :)

  3. I started watching today (the 3 first eps) and I like it, it's funny.
    Great to know that it will have a 2nd season!

    1. I'm really loving the young actors. While I adore their parents, "Emery" and "Evan" are just utterly precious.


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