Ranier M: My People

Someone has been on fire lately.
Dear White Folks,

It doesn't matter if we're chatting by the office water cooler or I'm shopping for asparagus at the grocery store, you guys ALWAYS find an excuse to ask me about my ethnicity.

"Where are you from?"
"How cool! My brother is dating a Filipina chick!"
"Do you know any good Filipino restaurants?"

I used to answer these question (reluctantly) but you know what? FUCK IT, I refuse to talk about my culture with white people AT ALL. I am never going to tell you about my race, where my people come from, nor will I entertain you with my knowledge of Asian recipes which you could easily Google, you lazy fuck.

Why? Because whenever I wanna talk about race in America, and how my people (yes, Black, Latino, and Native Americans are MY people, too) you wanna bitch and complain about us pulling the race card. You wanna hear ALL about my country and my advice on great local Asian restaurants but can't give two fucking SHITS about my dead brothers and sisters who are constantly brutalized and killed by YOUR people.

My culture is not a topic of interest because you say so. My experiences are not valid because you asked. I am NOT here to entertain you with kabuki and I sure as hell don't wanna tell you what Asian I am.

You wanna know about my culture? Then open your eyes and realize that all of us POCs are doing exactly that: with Twitter rants about Sean Penn, protests against SAE, and posts about ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬.

THIS is my culture. THESE are my people. THESE are our problems. If you don't wanna hear us, if you don't wanna see our race card, then fuck off, cause I don't want to tell you anyways.


  1. I've always thought that Rainier was the kind of writer who will preach the word about the truth,but man..he really showed out with this post. He really stomped a lot a toes with this.

    I'm sorry,but he's right. If you want to learn about POC's you just can't just learn about one-half of one's culture/history and not learn about the other.Not that long ago, you did a story( The one about the Scandal where Courtney Vance was on it) and how it was good when it didn't involve a racially/culturally sensitive issue and when a Michael Brown-like episode was featured on here, that some of their White viewers vowed not to watch it anymore(Far as I'am concerned, I would have said Bye Felicia!)

    I get Rainier on this issue a whole lot. I mean.. True/Racial Cultural History consists of two parts: the beauty and the beast. Yes..if people learn the truth about other's culture , it can be the most beautiful to comprehend,but learning about history also..as Rainier mentioned..the struggles behind it. I hate when people accuse you of using the " race card" or be in denial of who you are because to me they do not want to accept the truth about your community.

    As minorities, we do have a story to tell and it's not about playing the " victim" as we're often are accused of being..it's about celebrating who we are , fighting for the right to maintain our cultures and to survive in a very prejudicial hostile society.If they do not want to listen to both sides of the story, I just drop them. More than likely, I'll bet that these are the same people who will tell you that " Racism is a thing of the past.." For anybody who talk that kind of garbage, they cannot say something is thing of the past when they are not willing to accept responsibility /and/or the truth about others..and themselves. It's like a person in A.Anonymous. The counselor will tell the patient that in order for them to overcome their alcohol addiction they have to admit that you have a problem.

    This is what some Whites don't want to admit: there is a bad race problem in the U.S. and that we have to sometimes discuss and tackle problems that they're not always comfortable with but as a whole, it's not about learn about you,but for those who want to ignore the truth, it's just about them maintaining the status quo.

  2. Preeeeeach!
    So much this!!! These kind of situatutions are White Supremacy in a nutshell. We are only seen by the narrowest stereotypes and aspects of our cultures that white people love, but they don't wanna hear about our experiences under THEIR oppression because of said cultural differences. They want to have their cake and eat it too and at the same time engaging in these kinds of microaggressions that denote you as a perpetual other.

    As a black born Brit who's parents are from the Caribbean i am constant asked 'where i am really from' by strangers as if the fact that i am a born and bred Londoner isn't enough. I've actually come up with a great answer that ties me back to some black Brits 800 years ago which deflects their game whilst showing them how intrusive it is and lets me then school them on the multicultural and racial make up of the UK and Europe that the white washed history we are taught never touches on. It works on everyone, even other black men trying to figure out what kind of black woman I am.

    It is such a lazy tactic of trying to box you instead of dealing with the person in front of you right now. I don't care if it is simple curiosity mind your damn business i do not know you like that AT ALL!!( the power dynamics due to anti-blackness and racism ensure that it is never simply that). Especially as the next thing out of their mouth is some thing racist.....

  3. yes!!! i love Ranier!!! hit 'em with that 1-2 punch!!

    hey Ankhesen Mie, have you heard about the young woman that won Miss Japan and is going to be representing them in the Miss Universe competition? her Dad is Black and her Mom is Japanese. (off topic i know, sorry!)

    1. Arianna is gorgeous.

      I praise those Japanese folks that support her,but loathe those who don't. While I do my best to respect the cultural norms of other countries, racism isn't culture..it's prejudice no matter how much people try to justify it. Arianna may be mixed but she is just as cultured as any other Japanese person. It's just bogus to say that you're not..in this case..Japanese...because of your skin color. She was born and raised in Japan. I'm sorry,but I she's a Japanese woman who just happens to be mixed and she deserves that crown.

    2. i agree, Arianna is gorgeous, i was pleasantly surprised when i first saw the article about her.
      the racism there...makes my blood boil, i never understand why or how anyone can fix their mouths to justify the prejudice there as being a "cultural thing".

  4. One thing that I've noticed with Rainier's blog.

    We know that as long as your classified as a POC, come from a different religion or is gay...your chances of experiencing prejudice is 100 percent..that is to be expected. However, I was just looking at Rainier's blog. Initially, when he started, he focused on the XF women he dated, his girlfriend, and other topics pertaining to other issues with the Filipino community and other Asian communities and it was.. and is still all good. Back then, he had more Whites on there.

    Now as he just mentioned not too long ago, when it comes to him discussing the racial struggles of being a Filipino/POC guy,how much some of them dropped off the face of his blog. One White female blogger even commented how he became " biased" because he's talking more about social/racial issues. Sometimes..and maybe it just me..but they probably thought that Rainier was going to be a man (If they really followed this guy from day,they should have known better..lol!) thinking that they could talk about anything good/bad( e.g. racial issues) to him without it being of no consequence to them. Now that he's doing just that, he is now he everything but a child of god in their eyes. I really think that it hurts their feelings that he's not a pushover and that he will " go there" on issues that some people may be uncomfortable with and that is what is bothering them. Just like this blog, he tells people what people SHOULD know ,not what they want to know.

    1. Speaking of White deflecting the racial truths..not trying to get off the subject..but from some odd reason , some people seem to think that POC's are taking over prime time TV. Seems like she's afraid off good programming from the other side.( Source: Nellie Andreeva. Deadline.com)

    2. Her article is curious. On the one hand, she questions the new stands of the networks. On the other hand, she does a heck of a lot of advertising in that article. I was learning all kinds of new names and titles.

    3. it's amazing how White people go crazy when ALL of the attention isn't on them.


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