Seoul Fashion Week

I had the chance to go to Seoul Fashion Week a couple of weeks ago at the Dongdaemun Fashion Plaza and it was pretty cool. Unlike other Fashion Weeks like those in London, Paris, Milan, and New York, Seoul Fashion is still on a smaller scale. Anyone can gain access to the areas where the fashion shows are taking place; its not roped off so you too can become paparazzi/press for a day.  After fervently emailing designers I was able to get tickets to a couple shows including designing couple JKOO and Choi Boko. Many famous KDrama actors including Kim Woobin and Lee Jongsuk, got their start as models at Seoul Fashion Week.
One of the more exclusive and talked about shows was Seo Byung Mun. This show featured Sam Okyere, which was not a surprise because of his increasing popularity. As far as style and aesthetic, Korean designers design for Koreans mostly. Most of what I saw on the runway could be found in the underground malls across the country. Ready-to-wear dominates Korean fashion: long trench coats and pea coats, baby doll skirts, and bowler hats dominated the scene. Overall I enjoyed the experience of being there and I look forward to the Fall for the next Fashion Week event.


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