Blasian Romance in Mortal Kombat X (#AMBW)

...I shit you not.

No need waiting for October (Blasian Assassins' Month); Mortal Kombat X - despite its various problems - surprises with an AMBW romance subplot that I did not see coming.  The 10th game in the franchise introduces a host of new characters, and among the newbs are Jacqueline "Jacqui" Briggs and Takeda Takahashi.

From the Mortal Kombat Wiki:
Jacqueline Sonya "Jacqui" Briggs is a character in the Mortal Kombat Universe, who made her debut in the Mortal Kombat X comic series.

Jacqui is a slender woman with brown eyes, shoulder length brown hair which she keeps in cornrows and small ponytail. Her civilian attire as depicted in the comic consist of a white t-shirt with black pants or purple shorts.

In the game proper, Jacqui wears full military camouflage under standard body armor with the Special Forces insignia on it, and a utility belt around her waist. Knee pads line her knees and she wears mechanical powered gauntlets on both her arms, reminiscent of her father's mechanical arms.

Takeda Takahashi (高橋武田) is a student of Shirai Ryu leader Hanzo Hasashi and son to Kenshi. He made his first appearance in the comic series and will make his game debut in Mortal Kombat X.

Takeda originates from Thailand and is of Asian descent, having black hair and blue eyes. In his youth as depicted in the comic, Takeda wore typical clothing as a child. At the time of apprenticeship, Takeda has shaggy hair and wears ninja garb with a yellow headband. However, his uniform is different from the Shirai Ryu, as he wears a blue shirt instead, and has bandages wrapped around his forearms.

In the game, Takeda wears an armored body suit, primarily a metallic blue in color with streaks of yellow along the legs. He still keeps his headband to represent his connection to the Shirai Ryu, along with a neck warmer. On his arms, he bears modified gauntlets designed to fire his spear tipped whips in battle. Takeda's alternate costume depicts him in a Shirai Ryu style uniform, similar to Scorpion's own costume, and bearing the clan's yellow color.
Their budding romance is handled with surprising subtlety and class in the story mode version of the game.  I like how it's slowly allowed to grow.  Check it out:


  1. You don't even understand, I literally lost sleep over my favorite game including something like this. It was so amazing and I like how it wasn't pushed in your face but it did add that element of romance that Liu Kang and Kitana's relationship just never really had. (Considering he's a monk and whatnot) I'm just so happy that this relationship is canon and all the naysayers can go dip their heads in buckets.

  2. Cool! And reminds me to reconnect with my gamer friends, so I can see for myself how Jacqui and Takeda's romance works out. ��

    Also cool (although a bit unrelated): Erin Billups, a NY1 reporter and half of an awesome Blasian couple, is documenting her pregnancy in a series called "Baby Steps" (http://www.ny1.com/nyc/all-boroughs/baby-steps/2015/04/28/baby-steps--testing-becomes-routine-during-pregnancy.html).


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