Can I ask y'all somethin'?

As y'all know, Johnny Kemp has died at the tender age of 55...may he rest in power; dying at 55 is some bullshit.  He didn't even look 55 when he died.

But like many folks I'm watching his 1988 hit "Just Got Paid" right now, and unlike most folks I'm wondering...who is this dude who shows around the 59th second???  He is fly, y'all!!!

It's like they knew they needed to give him his own scene...just 'cause.

Check out his dancing:


  1. No idea who that guy is, but he is smooth, but what! Johnny Kemp died? How sad.

    1. I know, right? "Smooth" is the perfect word!

      Kemp was looking healthy as an ox; last I checked, his death was from "mysterious causes." Like...WTF????

  2. My favorite TGIF song of the day. IDK why? It was something about that song that Fridays on your job didn't seen as tedious..lol! I think just about every last person I knew, enjoyed it. I've recently seen Johnny on a program and for 55 he looked 35.

    Seriously though, I'm saddened to hear about his sudden death. Some people say that he died as he was supposed to be singing on Tom Joyner's annual cruise. If that was that case,the event made it more sadder and unfortunate.

    1. Reports are that he was actually in Jamaica when he died. A lot of conflicting stories.


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